Understanding Builder Technology

Builders Technology

We Think Geek Is Chic

Finally, a builder who knows and understands technology as you do, and knows how to integrate it stylishly and affordably.

It may seem backward to most, but why shouldn’t a house be built to suit the technology, rather than the other way around? 

We think so.  That’s why we’re offering fellow geeks a $1,000 allowance to use towards technology in your next new home by Jeff Click Homes.

Led by a fellow geek-at-heart, Jeff Click Homes understands the importance of technological considerations when building a home, and has become the area’s most technically-proficient builder, specializing in media systems integration, home automation, and sustainable technological infrastructures.  The best part?  We’re not talking about a half-million dollar or more home.  We know how to prepare for and implement technology in a stylish, affordable way.

Builders Technology

This custom tech closet designed by Jeff Click Homes serves distributed HD video to 5 screens throughout the house, and houses all data networking, closed circuit camera feeds, alarms, HVAC & irrigation control, and lighting automation.

Let’s start with what we do standard in every home, technologically speaking:

– Secured In-Coming Media & Communications Conduit – Keeps your incoming phone/data/video lines secure from burglars or vandals.

– 5 RG6 Video & Cat-5 Phone Outlets – Placed strategically in all pre-built homes, or to your preferences when customized-building

– Security Pre-wiring – All operable windows, doors, keypads, and motion sensors per plan

– Structured Wiring Interface Panel – Placed in a centrally-located closet, where all media and security wiring interfaces, with a built-in power outlet convenient for network router location.

– Digital Programmable Thermostasts – Easily programmed for optimal energy management according to your schedule for heating and air conditioners

Hi-tech doesn’t always mean high visibility. Seamless integration of technology is now more possible than ever, thanks to flat panel displays and infrared remote relaying.

We can take your technological desires even further.  We love doing…

– Design-conscious Home Theater Pre-wiring – Flat panel displays have allowed televisions to become a less-cumbersome, more stylish aspect of a living or media room.  Top buyers agency experienced at taking these considerations into account during construction and designing a pre-wiring plan to suit your display, component, and speaker locations. We can even supply the displays, components, and speakers, and roll them into your mortgage.

– Zoned Audio – Great for everyday use, but even better when hosting social get-togethers, let’s pump some audio throughout the house, and even onto your patio.  Whether it’s to provide continuous music throughout the house during a party, or making sure no one misses what’s happening during the game while making a pit stop in the bathroom, we can handle it.

– Closed-Circuit Cameras – Maybe you have special concerns regarding security, or you just want to monitor the kids in the playroom or backyard, closed-circuit camera systems are more affordable than ever.  We can design a system that suits you and makes it easy to check in on things from your TV or computer.

– Home Automation – We’re huge fans and friends of the people at HAI, makers of the Omni Pro II line of systems, which integrate security with lighting control, heating, and air systems, zoned audio, irrigation control, weather monitoring, and more.  You can even control all of this from your iPhone, which we dig.  We’ve done several of these systems, and we don’t hire out the programming…Jeff does it himself to meet your needs.

– Media Distribution Systems – Want your stereo receiver, cable/satellite boxes, TiVo, and other components stored in one place and accessible from any display in the house?  Been there, done that.  Infra-red relay gives you full control of the goods from afar, where equipment is neatly stowed away in an organized tech closet.  We can prepare the infrastructure for you, or do all of the final installations, too. 

Shown here is HAI’s integrated, programmable thermostat.  Below, from left to right, is HAI’s HiFi zoned audio control, a lighting scene keypad, and communicating dimmer switches, all of which work together as part of the Omni Pro II integrated home control system, .

Recent tech-related press Jeff Click Homes has received:

Builder Magazine, “Out Of Site” – A national story about Jeff Click Homes 2008 Parade of Homes entry, which included numerous technological solutions and amenities.

The Oklahoman, “Smart Homes Top Trends” – An article featuring Jeff’s approach to integrating technology into homes with consideration to interior design and seamless integration.

Home Automation Inc., “HAI Featured Model” – The company behind the Omni Pro II and related home automation products features Jeff Click Homes’ Furnished Model Home in Silverhawk for its comprehensive use of various HAI products and systems, including security & closed-circuit video surveillance, HVAC control, zoned audio control, and more.

The Oklahoman – “Executive Q&A 01/29/09” – Jeff discusses the latest in home trends from the 2009 International Builders Show, including energy management systems.

The Oklahoman – “Executive Q&A 05/22/07” – Jeff discusses seamless, design-conscious integration of technology, and the future of LED lighting.

Digital Home Online – “Appraise This!” – Jeff participates in a national feature story on the valuation of technological amenities and how they relate to home appraisals.

Builder Magazine – “Oklahoma HBA Launches Marketing Campaign” – A national story on a social media campaign organized by Jeff Click for the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association.

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