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As our entry for the 2012 Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association’s Parade of Homes, we unveil our newest and largest floorplan, The Airo. Furnished entirely by our friends at Suburban Contemporary Furniture, we invite you to come to see it in person, open daily 1-7 pm Sept 29-Oct 7!

The word “airo” roots from the meaning, “uplifting.” This house is called the Airo (pronounced Aye-Row) mainly because of its uplifting features. The coolest parts of this house, without giving away too many heightening details, are the loft-style study and the loft-style kitchen. But your eyes won’t stop there because in addition, as you “lift up” your eyes even more, the ceilings in this home have a distinct vault as well. click here to learn more about Buyer Agency in Australia at https://jeffclickhomes.com/is-a-buyers-agency-worth-hiring-for-property-search/

There’s a medley of seriously great things we’ve thought about when building this home. We’ve taken great design (obviously) and made it completely functional in almost every aspect of this house. There’s a LOT of square footage as it’s the largest overall standard design that we’ve got which allows us to keep the openness yet still build in plenty of nooks, crannies, and built-in features.

So again, without painting too much of a visual for you, hopefully, we’ve “raised” your interest to come “put your hands up the Airo, raise the roof” and see one of our largest, highest homes yet.



  • 17336 Shadow Hawk LnThe Airo Plan  Silverhawk
  • 1528 NW 175th CourtA tasteful update to a more traditional look.
  • 17333 Shadow Hawk LnThe Airo Plan  Silverhawk
  • 1521 NW 176The Airo Plan  Griffin Park
  • 17305 Melville LnThe Airo Plan  Griffin Park

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