Shhh, listen – can you hear that? It’s the bellow of the Mello and, quite literally, you just ain’t seen nothing yet.


Sounding in like a beautiful cello from the city-obtainable community of Silverhawk comes the Mello. A 2,446 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths, 2.5 car garage heavenly plan. The creative choice for the name of this next plan derives directly from those canny Greeks meaning, “to be about to be, to be the point of doing”. Think “in the future” for this meaning of the word because it is, ahead of it’s time. (And in theory, always will be.)


So we talked about the word “Mello” relating to “in the future” and the exterior of this house gives primarily that, yet still has a character that will bring you back down to earth. Its style (brick color, landscaping, etc.) is bold and ambitious and with its unique angles and definitions, it keeps your eyes moving around the house without getting confused.


You’re company-loving. You’re a hip-host. You’re a hifi-geek. You can now govern the spacial arrangement that can agree to everyone. Not only does this plan offer a study room which lends itself decoratively to more of the industrial/urban feel to keep all of that company out of your business, but it offers a voluminous living area that openly flirts with the natural lit kitchen.

Speaking of gregarious and kitchen, there is an abundance of work and prep space, and that’s before you even get to the island. From a social standpoint, the kitchen is as casual or as formal as you want it to be for the specific occasion. It eliminates the need for a wasteful, rarely-used formal dining room. Top it all off with a bonus space for optional built-in table, buffet and “vino bar,” consider the Mello as a veritable party kit.

A powder room is visibly located for guests use. They like that, we promise. It leaves that whole awkwardness out of having to ask where it is in the first place. And, sectioned off from the living area the media room is offered. An 11′ 7″ – 18′ 10″ huge space with an optional raised bar that turns the room into your own sheik dive or even additional seating during the big game.


Ok, set off completely from the other 2 bedrooms is the master suite. The layout is just short of genius, here – probably even “full” genius? The well-lit, generous sized sleeping area leads towards a master bath that would make Henry VIII feel inferior.

The master bathroom brings as much mystery as it does sheer sexiness, too. It’s concealed “corridor” entrance hides the spaces elegant view until just the right moment. Divided vanities make way for a roomy dressing space, backed by a standalone modern soaker tub and walk-in doorless shower. Now, closet space. MASSIVE master closet space that slyly puts you close to the utility room. When you want to do that laundry, you’ve got 3 ways to get to that utility room. No excuses.


The beauty of JCH in general is the surprise you get (cliche-ly saying), “in every corner.” The thing is, it’s true. There are plenty of decorative niches throughout the house that makes it just that much more interesting. Along with 6 tall windows located in the kitchen and family room, a mud bench set up in the laundry room, and don’t forget – the inspiring fireplace. In our exact terms, “In decades prior, the television was often the dominate piece in the arrangement of the living space. Not so anymore. With the proliferation of flat-panel displays, they become less as furniture and more as a design element.


The Mello’s optional entertainment wall is a stunning arrangement of mod design that includes a horizontal overhead decorative niche, a wall-mounted widescreen fireplace, sleep cabinetry for storage of components, and the perfect spot for your beloved display device.” Precisely why we follow the “form follows function” rule.

Turn the standard 2-car garage into the spacious, optional 2.5 car garage savvily positioned so that isn’t all “garage door” like most places.

Try also the optional extended covered patio complete with a 10′ ceiling. We use the word “extended” on this because it acts as an extension to the living, media room and kitchen. Think of it, now – the investment of an outdoor fire pit or grill area (or both) gives you more options! So, kick up your feet on your patio furniture, gaze out at the stars and mellow out. (We had to use the word just once, promise.)

The “killer option” on the Mello plan? The raised, loft-style study. Urban and modern, with a raised view overlooking your entry and living room, you can’t help but feel like working from home became a lot more fun.

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