Mello Deco

All the ingredients for our new hot bod mod.

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It's a word with a multifarious meaning. And yes, it is in fact, in the dictionary. It was a popular British word back in the 60s describing a "young person of a subculture characterized by stylish dress, the riding of motor scooters, and a liking for soul music."
Mind the gap, ol' chap.

We at JCH consider ourselves pretty nifty in the attire department and we love some good music, but not sure how many of us ride scooters down I-35. However, the word "mod" itself has many different meanings that we would like to introduce to you, and this one is a new, fresh, modern, furnished model that's sure to excite you.

Everything we build is different, but this model has had ALL of the JCH employees lickin' their lips upon its completion. JCH Office Manager, Pam Bradford, even states, "I can't wait to see the mouths drop open when they see the creative uses of space, color and style in this one!"

All the ingredients for one hot mod bod.

Here's a little bit of what we've materialized. This model layout is based on the Mello plan...but we're going to razz you strictly with the finish selections for right now. So take a look at the kitchen's backsplash--long, horizontal glass tile elements mixed with random-length white stone. Ovular white stone tile will be used for the powder bath floor and master shower floor. The random-depth, white rectangular stone is for the fireplace structure (oh MAN this one is rockin'!)

You know, gray is my favorite color.
I felt so symbolic yesterday.

What's with all the white stone, Mr. Jones? Jeff's design approach is to use "complex consistency" throughout our homes. We know how to use consistency correctly, without being mundane. After all, it is what sets apart Jeff Click Homes and makes us the go-to builder of modern and contemporary homes in Oklahoma City and Edmond.

Since flooring is one of the most important elements in a home, we, of course, got creative. The kahlua-brown hardwood, every bit as stylishly-tasty as the liquer, is non-paving the way for the elevated loft study and living room while the entry, utility, and hallways will be dark stained concrete. A perfect mixture of materials for your perfect little feet to walk on.

Witness the quickness while we kick this. For soon we reveal the teal.

The dark gray large tile, which has a unique linen-like texture to it, is the flooring and wall tile for the master and hall bathrooms, while the lighter gray tile will be used to kiss the colors and textures of the kitchen that will be styled up with white square quartz on the island and silver quartz on the rest of the tops. All of this diversified with some really cool art, accessories, and pillows dressed in vivid teal and violet.

We know, it was just a little tease of what's going on with this model right now and we can't be more excited about its impending completion by mid-September, just in time for Oklahoma City's 2011 Parade of Homes. But to sum up the vibe of this house, here's an excellent quote from JCH Construction Supervisor, Dallas Bradford: "A lot of people go to places...restaurants, clubs, Dubai, Hawaii...just for the mod scenery. Wouldn't it be nice to go home and the cool scenery's right there in your face?"

More tasty mod(el) goodness to come...