When in the Romans

...do as the Romans do.

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The Hidden Prairie addition in Edmond has 2,659 sq. ft. of a little somethin' somethin' for everyone. 4 bedrooms, 2 full 2 half baths, a study, formal dining area, mudspace/dropzone, and huge bonus room all surrounded by a beautiful silhouette that takes its cues from mid-century modern architecture while employing a low-pitch shed roof design.
Our trademark lucite address panel.
An unmistakable look.

While the exterior may set the rest of the houses apart (quite obvious who built the home), the interior also sets apart JCH as THE modern homebuilder in Oklahoma City. It's color scheme of a warm yet modern feel along with a little exposed brick and deep-colored concrete floor open up the house along with the fireplace and built-in-niches. The kitchen offers some serious lighting and blue-hued tile backsplash from Modwalls to perfectly compliment the deep cabinetry, countertops and stainless steel appliances.

Enter the Romans.
Urban warmth awaits.

A social kitchen.
Your very on tablinum.

Since there are some MAJOR options in this house, it also offers a nice social aspect. The top floor equals a huge room dedicated to pretty much whatever you'd like. Or, as Jeff puts it, "The bonus room is going to make one sweet game or media room for this home's future owner. Given its roominess and additional 1/2 bath, there's no reason why you can't shut down the lower story for the night and grab the popcorn or pizza to head up for a double-feature. The interesting choice of color combined with the angled roof line and placement of windows brings this room to life." Maybe you can deem that huge room your man-space (along with the 3 car garage and the covered patio out back) or she can use it as a perfect place for a quiet "staycation".

The pathway to bonus.
Movies, pool, yoga...

Much like the Romans' "tablinum" (or private retreat built for the masters of the house in Roman times), we've added on a version of our own private master sanctuary. Huge room space with a nice tray ceiling decked in the blue-hue and molded with a nice dark finish to liven things up. Leading to the master bathroom, (ok this one is awesome) two sinks, on different sides. She has her own area to put on the make-up and he has his own area to shave (or vice versa, if that's how you roll). Separate bathroom spaces equal happy faces. The tub is in its own world from he shower, too. Bring it altogether in a massive walk-in closet room. It's not a closet, it's a room.

All of this is what makes Jeff Click Homes a thumbprint and not just a blueprint. Want more details? Check more about this Romans Plan by Jeff Click Homes in our homes section.

Green and Serene

It looks as sweet as it sounds.

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Recall the line, "We can't all use taupe." Mostly, you'd see that lackluster color used by a lot of competing home builders, but, oh no, not this builder of modern homes in Oklahoma City. This buyer-customized version of our Psalm, built in our Silverhawk addition in Edmond, pays homage to Jeff's attention-grabbing "Jolly Rancher-inspired hue" used in our 2010 Parade of Homes entry. We just can't let this custom-built splash of mean green go by without a short, vivid message. It looks as sweet as it sounds.
The entry way of a customized version of our Psalm Plan.

This open-concept home was somewhat derived from our Psalm plan that we spoke of earlier. One big difference, though? The kitchen and the great room are spaciously unlatched equaling a nice, large surface area quintessential for entertaining. You know the layout of the plan so we'll focus on the awesome details of this home instead.

Our innovative "loft study", a raised floor over the rest of the home.
Shown here with a buyer-selected commercial-glass style panel.

Throughout the house there are touches (a relief wall here and a tray ceiling there) of this lime green goodness. This color flows well with everything else the home has to offer which includes the awesome lighting that the buyer selected. In lieu of light, the commercially-framed glass panel paned between the raised study and the entry, gives off a soothing energy that is just about as velvety as the Lennox X-Fires Widescreen fireplace. (Yep, that fireplace? You can expect that guy in our new furnished modeldressed up in white limestone.)

A peek at the entertainment wall of the home, including the
mod Lennox X-Fires Widescreen fireplace.

More glass illuminates the backsplash with clear tiles direct from Modwalls and white quartz counter tops line the kitchen. The rest of the house dons the stainless deco laminate tops. Pretty d@mn smooth, if you ask us.

A macro view of the great room, with views of the kitchen,
entrance to the loft study, and the grand entry.

Enough reading about it. Go feast your eyes on the photo tour. (Viewed best while eating a green apple Jolley Rancher.) And if you just have to have one of your own, as of now we have one like it available. Of course, we can always custom build you one, too.

Grab your hymnals. It's time to sing a Psalm.

Our latest rendition of the Psalm plan, definitely worthy of some praise.

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Spaciously gracious and a little style-flirtatious.
Let's begin with the exterior and its flirt with style. A prime take on this comes from Dallas Bradford, JCH's capable Construction Supervisor, regarding the home's copper paint. That's right…copper paint, which literally prompted another builder in the neighborhood to ask "What are you thinking?" To which Dallas replied, "Dude, we can't all use taupe." Dallas also describes the outward appearance as, "Bold elevation, clean lines and depth of architecture. It's beautiful."

Copper Paint? Dude, we can't all use taupe.

To get you into the groove from the moment you walk in, we like to say, "Form doesn't have to be sacrificed when maximizing function" with the 2,424 sq. ft there's plenty of room to get creative or frisky (depending on what room you're in, or does it?). From the plaza entry of the oversized garage to the elevated study floor with an exposed ceiling joist ceiling, to the center-fold kitchen with not only its sizable position, but it's solid surface countertops and backsplash that open up but still "bring in".

The stylish entry way with steps up to the loft study.

Drink up every detail, including over 100 photos of our latest modern home in Oklahoma City / Edmond, in our homes section...

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock!

Don't miss your last chance to buy your new home with the home buyer tax credit.

posted Mar 28, 2010 by Brodie Tucker

The big-Q on everybody's mind when they visit our model home is definitely the tax credit. We thought we'd give you a quick crash-corse of some of the most important points regarding the home buyer tax credit that's still in effect.
First, there are a few timing issues that have to be considered. You must have a purchase agreement in place by April 30, 2010, which means your first step is to claim your new home. Next, the home has to close no later than June 30, 2010. Closing is just the official term used for the formalization of the purchase...it's at this point that the place is officially yours.

So how much do you get in tax credit? If you are a first time home buyer or have not owned a home in the last 3 years then you are qualified for an $8000 tax credit. If you have owned the same home for 5 of the last 8 years then you are qualified for a $6500 tax credit. It's always a good idea to consult your CPA for the specifics of your personal eligibility.

The bad news: the time to build a custom home and still qualify for the tax credit has come and gone.

The good news: we have a limited supply of homes that are either finished or will be complete by the expiration of the tax credit, and we've listed them below for your convenience.

17413 Hawk Tree Lane - Numbers Plan - 2450sf - $260,357

3016 Firewheel Drive - Romans Design - 2599sf - $269,289

2409 NW 176th - John Design - 1751sf - $198,762

2208 NW 173rd - Daniel Design - 2213sf - $239,623

2425 NW 176th - Daniel Design - 2213sf - $239,913

2201 NW 172nd - Shalom Design - 1670sf - $178,736

2112 NW 172nd - Shalom Design - 1670sf - $179,506

2204 NW 172nd - Cielo Design - 1579sf - $168,828

Stay tuned to our site for the most up to date information on which of these homes are still available. Hopefully this info helps answer some questions you may have had regarding the tax credit, and feel free to stop by our model home in Silverhawk if you have any more specific questions.

JCH Collects Award Hardware

Our 3 awards in the 2009 Parade of Homes, & new VR tour of the Parade Home

posted Oct 4, 2009 by Jeff Click

We just wrapped up a jam-packed nine days of solid traffic at our entry into the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association's 2009 Parade of Homes. Each year, we strive to put on a good show and introduce the Oklahoma City Metro and Edmond to something a little different from what everyone's used to. From the comments we heard as hundreds of people made their way through the front door, we'd say "mission accomplished!"
The great room view of the entry of our Parade Home at 2412 NW 174th St in Silverhawk

As announced by the Parade Committee, The Oklahoman, and NewsOK, the Jeff Click Homes Parade Home, based on a newly redesigned version of our Daniel Plan, picked up three Parade of Homes Awards in the $200,000 - $400,000 price point in the Edmond Area:

  • Best Overall Design - Considers plan layout, usability, and general design ideas

  • Best Kitchen* - Considers layout, usability, and arrangement of work space. *We tied with Adams Kirby Homes on this one.

  • Best Decorating - Considers furnishing, accessories, and staging of the home.

The super sleek, and now award-winning kitchen of the JCH Parade Home, which included
stainless appliances, glass backsplash, and stainless built-in table and bar.

Complete information on the home in Silverhawk at 2412 NW 174th, including pricing, photo tours, and our new NewSpin360 Virtual Tour is available for you to check out anytime here at our site.

If you didn't get a chance to see it during the Parade, no worries! We'll be modelling out of this one while our new Furnished Model Home in Silverhawk is getting wrapped up. We'll be open daily (except Tuesdays) from 1-6. Stop by and see it and us!

The sexy master bathroom of the JCH Parade Home, with 3D mirror
arrangement, raised Euro cabinets, modern lighting, and lots of surprises.

Coming Home To Technology

The 2008 JCH Parade Home Featured in the Oklahoman's Real Estate Magazine

posted Aug 5, 2008 by Jeff Click

We just put the finishing touches on our entry for the Oklahoma City Metro's annual Parade Of Homes, sponsored by the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association. A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with The Oklahoman's Chris Brawley Morgan to share with her a little about the both the technological vision behind this year's entry, and the unique visual style of the home. This weekend, her story featured the home, and includes 7 full color photos in the print edition. The feature is available in three separate on-line segments:

Segment 1 (Feature): Coming Home To Technology
Segment 2 (Supplemental): Builder sells with iPhone
Segment 3 (Supplemental): 'Smart homes' top trend

The home is at 17412 White Hawk Drive in Silverhawk, and will be open daily through September 21st.

A Geek's Christmas In July

A few tech goodies arrive early for the Jeff Click Homes Parade Home

posted Jul 26, 2008 by Jeff Click

If we're all honest with ourselves, there has been at least one occasion in our lives when something special was to be arriving in the mail. It usually takes place some time during childhood, and for me, it was a new skateboard I'd earned by winning a Christmas card selling contest in grade school. But even as adults, with the changes in how we make purchases online, some of us still caught up in the excitement of looking out the window every three minutes to see if the UPS guy has arrived.

I recently succumbed to the temptation of waiting with anticipation for Mr. UPS Guy. While I didn't scream like a school girl, I did probably rival the giddiness of a certain beloved man I won't mention when my latest gadget arrived: the OmniPro II integrated home control system that Home Automation Inc. has donated for Jeff Click Homes' 2008 Parade Of Homes entry.

We're just weeks away from completion, and while the infrastructure for all of the technological amenities was built and pre-wired in it months ago, the fun is about to begin, as we install everything from this system, to the several zones of audio, five plasma TVs, and numerous other geek surprises.

For you fellow geeks out there, we took a few snapshots of the un-boxing of God's gift to home technology. I give you the OmniPro II...

The OmniPro II by Home Automation Inc., an advanced integrated home control system, arrives for the
Jeff Click Homes entry in the 2008 Parade Of Homes.

The main components of the system, including the primary board, a zone expander, thermostat,
outdoor temperature and humidity sensor, and other components.

The current OmniPro II System, installed at the Jeff Click Homes Furnished Model Home in Silverhawk.

The "brain" of the home, an HAI OmniPro II System, complete with HAI's HiFi Zoned Audio System,
irrigation control, video surveilance, and more.