The 2011 Parade of Homes Is Here!

Oklahoma City: Party like it's 2011.

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The Greater Oklahoma City Metro Area Parade of Homes. We've talked about it often and it's finally here. Here's a little summary of what it is again. It's an annual event organized by Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association, and this is its 59th year in production. This year, there are 110 brand new homes in the greater OKC Metro Area on showcase. There are 6 featured developments, including: Rose Creek, Settler's Ridge, Willimason Farms, Parke Place, Iron Horse Ranch, and Ponderosa Estates.
The Mello is ready to meet you!

Jeff has served as the Parade of Homes Chair for 2 different years in the past, and this years Parade Chair is a good friend of his, Kurt Dinnes of Sun Custom Homes. Kurt's co-chair is Kenyon Woods of Authentic Custom Homes. With this unique function comes events and the key sponsors of those events are The Womble Company and the local Pella Window supplier. Best Buy is the secondary sponsor of The Parade of Homes this year and you can even pick up Parade Magazines at all local area Best Buy stores.

Now, if you're cool like that, you really don't need no "stinkin" Parade Magazine. Because our 2011 Parade of Homes OKC app is ready for download via iTunes. (Of course we had to!) It has listing information and photos of all Parade Homes as well as mapping directly to homes, search features, the ability to share via social media, and People's Choice ratings for each home. Don't have an iPhone but you have a smart phone? Still cool. COHBA's introducing a mobile version of our Parade of Homes web site at with similar functionality as the as the iPhone app. Yep, there's still the old-fashioned way of web browsing at the main 2011 OKC Parade of Homes site.

Introducing both the Mello Plan and the Luxe Entertainment Wall by Jeff Click Homes.

The view from the entry. (Clickable)

The view to the kitchen. (Clickable)

Looking from the island. (Clickable)

Coinciding with Jeff Click Homes' entry into this year's Parade of Homes, which is fully furnished by our friends at Suburban Contemporary Furniture, there's also a grand opening of our brand new, long-term Furnished Model Home in the Silverhawk community. This home is based on our Mello floor plan and showcases several new innovative design ideas and features that aren't typically found in homes under the $300,000 market, let alone in Oklahoma City. This very home, along with all other Parade of Homes, will be open daily from 1-7pm, October 15-23.

So to initiate the Parade of Homes (in JCH style), we're hosting a jet-set, "Meet Mello" party on Friday night from 5pm 8pm, the night before the Parade of Homes kicks off. This will give our fans, clients, and associates a sneak-peek at the home before everyone else. It's a come-and-go viewing, complete with hors d'oeuvres and definitely, fine beverages. Adults only please, and be sure to RSVP to let us know you're coming!

Lest Ye Be Judged

Jeff goes critical at the Tulsa Parade of Homes.

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It's not like "American Idol" for houses. Or even a "Miss America Pageant". And even though the The Tulsa Parade of Homes uses the word "parade" in it, it ain't just a bunch of houses dressed up like beauty queens waving amidst little kids and dirty streets.
So, our main man Jeff took off a couple of days and headed out east to Tulsa to check out some homes. Calm down, he's not leaving us for another area. He was chosen to be THE only judge from the smikity-smack state of Oklahoma (along with judges from surrounding states, including Kansas and Arkansas) to evaluate the 2011 Tulsa Parade of Homes put on by the Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa. Judges for this fine fierceness consist of builders, designers, and remodelers whom are deemed to possess the experience and range of familiarity in construction and design to objectively score the homes on 17 different factors. IMHO, Jeff is just tailor-made for this deal.

The 2011 Tulsa Parade of Homes is from June 11-19. See their digital Parade Guide.

Here's the low down on how this works. It's kinda cool, so pay attention:

Each year, the Tulsa HBA gives awards for the top 2 highest-scoring homes in each price point, along with a separate "Best Merchandising" award for each price point. There were three teams consisting of said three judges assigned three different categories of homes to gauge. (THREE you got it?) The categories are based on price points and all homes in the same price point are judged against each other regardless of geographical location. Jeff's team judged the $130-160k, $250-320k, and $800K , price categories. They viewed close to 40 houses in 2 days (yes, that's 20 houses a day) and filled out a full-page assessment complete with comments supporting the scores. Hey, even a local car dealer donated demo cars for the judging, and a volunteer HBA member toured the judges all over the greater Tulsa metroplex for two days to conduct the "bidness".

A perfect score is 100 so out of the 17 factors, 16 of those factors are ratings from 1 to 5, with the 17th being a 20-point value. Judges in each group then determine a consensus-base "Wow! Factor" that each home possesses.

The judges for the 2011 Tulsa Parade of Homes. (Jeff is in front in black. The bald one!)

The judging criteria include ratings of up to 5 points each for general curb appeal, initial impression from the exterior, kitchen layout, master suite, unique features, fixtures, wall coverings & finishes, patio & garage, use of space, overall floorplan, etc. Quality of craftsmanship in areas such as flooring, paint, trim, drywall, and cabinetry. Pretty much the nitty-gritty of the house. As Jeff says, "I was a pretty stiff critic. Most of my total scores averaged in the 75-85 point ranges, with some of the lower scores in the 60s. All but one of our criteria had up to 5 points to give, and 3 was considered average. So an average home would be around 60 points. One thing I counted off for was the use of fiberglass tub and shower inserts. I just don't think a home over $250k should ever have one, and I saw several. We don't even use them in our Urbana Series homes in the $150k-180k price range."

However he was floored at the at not only the quality, but the level of the stylish finishes that were going into some of the Tulsa homes in the $130k-$160k price point. Particularly impressed by Simmons Homes, one of the top builders of new homes in Tulsa. They create not only a home but an experience. "These guys have done two homes for Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and packed even their tiniest plan with giant punch."

Now, the last criteria is a 20-point factor, and it's independent of the others, considering the value for the price. In other words, for the home's price, is it a quality package? Does the buyer get a lot for that? Or, it's what the actual home buyer might ask themselves before purchasing a house. Think of it that way. Also what this does is helps bridge the disparity that might exist between a home priced at $130k vs. one at $160k, though they were judged in the same category. So a home at $130 that had granite counter tops might get a higher valuation score over a home that was priced at $150k without granite counter tops.

Despite being a pretty tough judge, Jeff did award two perfect 100s. These went to homes that were just over the top. He even mentioned that one was the "absolute best home I've ever set foot in." Wow, I say. "It was perfectly laid out, superbly furnished, and full of sex appeal. The other wasn't furnished, but it was meticulously designed to maximize the view of a swimming pool from multiple rooms. It had the most amazing faux finish combinations I've ever seen, not to mention a palatial outdoor living space."

These two perfect scoring homes were so impressive, Jeff immediately called up good friend and fellow Oklahoma City builder, Steve Allen, of Allenton Homes / Allenstyle Homes. "Steve is known to put on the best show every year during the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association's Parade of Homes. He's got the awards to prove it. But these Tulsa homes were ones I thought he needed to see because of how exceptional they were." These two homes ended up tying for first place awards.

And there you have it. But if you can't make it to the Tulsa Parade of Homes, you have this to look forward to: the Central Oklahoma Home Builder Association's 2011 Parade of Homes on October 14-23. Jeff Click Homes is planning what we believe will be our best show yet as far as new homes in Oklahoma City are concerned. Let's hope our judges are giving those perfect 100s in October! Oh. Yeah.

Party at the Parade Pad!

Have a drink on us this Friday night.

posted Oct 18, 2010 by Brodie Tucker

I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who came out to see our latest and greatest Parade Home. This year's home was a huge hit for all of us at Jeff Click Homes and we hope that you enjoyed seeing it as much as we enjoyed putting it all together.
For everyone I got to visit with, thanks for taking the time out of your day to talk. For those of you we may not have got to take the time to speak with one on one, I hope that you will shoot me an email or stop in and see our furnished model home in Silverhawk. We will also have the Parade Home furnished thru next weekend, so, if you would like to see it again let me know. We had a great response to our Parade Home again this year and hope that everyone found it to be as refreshing and entertaining as we did.

If you didn't get a chance to see our swank little Parade Pad, or if you want to see it in person one last time, we invite you to join the staffs from Jeff Click Homes and Suburban Contemporary Furnishings this Friday Evening any time from 5 to 8pm for drinks and hors d'oeuvres! No need to RSVP, just drop on by.

We hope to see you there!

Daddy 2.0

Jeff becomes a Dad all over again.

posted Aug 4, 2010 by Jeff Click

Have a cigar! Have a cigar!

I'm blessed to be able to announce the birth of our second daughter, Giavauna Leona Click. Deziray gave birth to her early Friday morning, and she weighed in at 7lbs. 15oz. and 20 1/4" long. Mom and Baby are doing well, and Big Sis, Alessondra, couldn't be more proud (or protective.)
The Oklahoman's Real Estate Editor, Richard Mize, picked up on the news via my Facebook status update and echoed the announcement in his Saturday Real Estate section. Needless to say, Giavauna is already a fan of his work...

Giavauna poses with a copy of her first official press.

Aside from the news about Giavauna, the article covers the first-of-its-kind iPhone App for the 2010 COHBA Parade Of Homes in October, as well as the Social Media Seminar that I will be a participating in as a panelist along with friends and associates, Ryan Hukill of Platinum Partners and Tyler Smith of Traction Marketing.

We Like Dads

Our Father's Day Schedule

posted Jun 18, 2010 by Jeff Click

The guys of Jeff Click Homes are all Fathers, and we're being told by the Mothers that we'd better be closed on Sunday so we can be celebrated, and so we can celebrate our own Dads. We're going to be obedient. So our furnished model home in the Silverhawk addition will be closed on Sunday. You can always check out our photo tours, in the meantime!

Also, don't forget that voting for the Readers' Choice awards ends Monday, and you can still earn your chances to win a new Apple iPad!

Our 2010 Readers Choice iPad Giveaway

'Just saying

posted Jun 13, 2010 by Jeff Click

You honored us last year by making us NewsOK's 2009 "Best New Home Builder - North" in the Oklahoma City Metro. We're thrilled that you've nominated us once again this year as a 2010 finalist! How thrilled are we, exactly?

We're giving away a 16GB Wi-Fi Apple iPad™. Check out details below...

To say "Thank You!" for voting daily for us this year, and to make it a bit more exciting, we're giving away a brand new Apple iPad™ Wi-Fi.

Check out this video, which explains...

You can earn up to three chances daily until June 21st, 2010. Here's how it works.

Step 1: VOTE!

Vote each day for Jeff Click Homes in the 2010 NewsOK Readers Choice Awards. If you've never voted, you'll go through a quick registration process, and then you'll get to the ballot. We're in the "Home" category, and listed at the top of that category under "Best New Home Builder - North". You can vote once per day through June 21st, 2010.

Step 2: After you've voted, do any of these daily...

Daily Chance 1: Tweet It.

Simply Tweet that you've just voted for @JeffClickHomes for Readers Choice, and include a link back to this page. Here's an example:
If you choose to word it another way, be sure to link back to this page so others can learn about the give-away.

To make it easy, if your'e already logged into your Twitter account, you can tweet this by simply clicking here.

Daily Chance 2: Facebook it.

This way works almost just like tweeting it. From your Facebook profile, update your status with something like this...
Again, be sure to link back to this page so others can learn about the give-away.

You can update your status right now clicking here. In your status update, remember to link to us by typing it as "@Jeff Click Homes". You'll see a menu pop up where you can select our name and it will create a link to our page, which we'll use to register your entry.

Daily Chance 3: Blog it.

If you have your own blog, you can make a post on your blog about how you've just voted for Jeff Click Homes, and even explain more about our iPad giveaway. To make sure we "count" your post as an entry, be sure to track back to this page, or you can {encode="" title="email us"} a link to your post to let us know you've posted.

For each time you do one or more of those, you'll be entered into our drawing for the new iPad. If we win Best New Home Builder - North, then we'll do the drawing, which will be hosted live on on July 26, 2010.

So here are some Frequently Asked Questions...

So how do I win, again, exactly?
It's easy. Vote for us, then do one or more of the following: Tweet that you voted for us, Facebook that you voted for us, and/or blog that you voted for us. In all three cases, include a link back to this page with your post. Each time you do one of those three items, your name will be entered in the drawing. You can be entered up to three times daily through June 21st, 2010.

Do you consider this buying votes?
We've been asked that, and we explain our position on this in this post.

What model iPad are you giving away? (Added 06.17.10)
It's the 16G Wi-Fi model, and the specs are available at Apple's site. Sorry, but there are no substitutions or cash alternatives to the prize.

Who is eligible?
Anyone who is not an employee of Jeff Click Homes, or an immediate family member of Jeff Click Homes employees. (Same goes for any of Jeff Click Homes' listing Realtor® agents and their family members.)

Do I have to live in Oklahoma City to participate?
No, not at all. However, each state has different laws regarding giveaways. So, as they say, "Void where prohibited."

How will I know you've recorded each one of my chances?
We'll monitor our twitter name, so be sure to refer to us on Twitter as "@JeffClickHomes." You can do similarly on Facebook by typing in "@Jeff Click Homes" (note the spaces) and it will create a link to our Facebook account, which we'll be monitoring. If you blog about the give-away, use a trackback to this post, or email us to let us know you've posted. We'll try to respond to each Twitter mention, Facebook mention, or blog post to let you know we've seen it.

When will the drawing take place?
It's important to note that for the drawing to take place, Jeff Click Homes must win "Best New Home Builder - North" in the 2010 NewsOK Readers Choice Awards. When we win, the drawing will take place July 26th, and we'll broadcast it live on Leading up to the drawing, we'll post information on the exact time and URL for the broadcast.

What if I win the iPad?
If you are drawn, we'll contact you to let you know (but hopefully you'll be watching it on Ustream). We'll have the new iPad shipped directly to you at no cost to you. As the winner, you agree to allow us to publicize you as the winner, though we will not divulge any personal contact information.

There was something else I was going to ask, but I forget what it was...
Go vote first. Then, when you think of it, come back and ask it as a comment to this post, or email us.

Good luck!

Black, White, & Red All Over

Jeff Click Homes kicks off the 2009 Parade Of Homes with a bold blast of red

posted Sep 24, 2009 by Jeff Click

Black, white, & red all over. Jeff Click Homes's entry into the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association's 2009 Oklahoma City Metro Parade of Homes is finished, furnished, & ready to freak people out with style. We always enjoy putting on a good show with a unique, fully furnished home for your enjoyment, & this year is no exception.
The spacious, undivided great room at Jeff Click Homes' 2009 Parade Home.

Striking balance of bold red accents, urban-influenced, authentic brick masonry peppered throughout the interior, and exposed-joist ceilings for an added feel of loft-style living are just a few of the surprises awaiting visitors of the home, at 2412 NW 174th St, in our Silverhawk addition.

Come check us out, among the 124 homes on showcase for the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association's 2009 Parade of Homes. There are four featured area neighborhoods throughout the Oklahoma City Metro, including Edmond. Parade of Homes magazines are available at all Oklahoma City metro Lowe's stores, and are free of charge. Homes, including ours, will be open daily for the Parade, September 26 through October 4th from 1-7pm daily.

A Big Year Ahead

On being 2009 President of the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association

posted Dec 12, 2008 by Jeff Click

On Friday, the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association hosted its 65th Annual Christmas Banquet and Installation of 2009 Executive Officers. The gala was held at the Civic Center's Hall of Mirrors.

The evening held several highlights I enjoyed: being installed as 2009 President, casting my vision for the year ahead, enjoying a great dinner with family, friends, and hundreds of fellow members, dancing with my wife and daughter, watching Jim McWhirter get awarded 2008 Builder of the Year, and hearing one of my favorite former teacher's band, Pearl, play live.
Mize, who joined us at one of my tables, covered the event in today's Business section of The Oklahoman, and photos are on Flickr.

The Civic Center Music Hall in rare form.

The Meinders Hall of Mirrors, where our banquet took place, catered by Deep Fork Grill.

The most amazing girls I know, my wife Deziray and daughter, Alessondra.

The "President's First Dance", traditionally danced with the First Lady, but I danced with both of them.

One of my favorite former teachers, Mark Landreth, and his band "Pearl" provided entertainment.

Thanksgiving Schedule

We like to eat turkey, too.

posted Nov 24, 2008 by Jeff Click

We're going to give the staff and crews some time off from the hammering and nailing to enjoy some time with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving.
So if you really need to quench your thirst to check out one of our houses over the weekend, drop us a note or give Brodie a call at 405.315.0812.

We'll see to it that you thirst no more.

2008 Parade Of Homes Kicks Off

Over 160 homes open this week throughout the Oklahoma City Metro!

posted Aug 12, 2008 by Jeff Click

It's a rainy start, but we're now officially open for the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association's 2008 Parade Of Homes. Parade Magazines are available at all metro area Lowe's locations for no charge.

Jeff Click Homes' stylish and fully-furnished entry is at 17412 White Hawk Drive in Silverhawk. We have a full photo tour, as well as a virtual tour available here at
The Great Room of the 2008 Parade Home for Jeff Click Homes

If you have an iPhone, just hit our site on your phone and our special iPhone version of the site will provide you with a link to our integrated Google-mapping to help you navigate to come check out the home in person.

You can access all Parade listings at the official Parade site at

Ode To The Parade

Another update, and on running out of clever plays on words involving the word "Parade."

posted Jun 15, 2008 by Jeff Click

If there's one thing that snags me every time I set out to update the blog on our 2008 Parade Of Homes entry for this year, it's certainly not time. It's that I have flat run out of clever headlines that involve the word "Parade." This time last year we were being doused with daily rain, so a "Raining On Our Parade..." headline was a no brainer. Then you have all the references to when the parade comes marching in, and so forth. I think it's just time to retire the notion of being cute when it comes to said updates, so let's move on to the latest progress.

The front elevation of the Parade Home, with masonry in progress. A new brick from Boral is the primary facade with black mortar.

We're a little over 60 days out from completion of this year's Parade Home. If you do the math, that's the latter half of August, which is almost a month before the COHBA Parade of Homes. I know. We have some other special things happening with this house that will take place before the Parade. So stay tuned.

Two rooms that create outsets to the facade are accented by taupe concrete brick with white mortar. The entry will be a multi-colored stacked stone that will tie the two brick colors together.

The facade is nearing completion. Once the finishing touches are added to the brick, we'll move on to the stone and special tile accent we're doing over the entry. Hopefully that'll all take place by late week in time for a site clean-up in preparation for concrete next week.

"Keepin' it grill" under the back covered patio, where a grilling space is defined by brick pony walls. This outdoor space will be quite cool when it's done...

I am perhaps most excited about this patio and back yard. It will be a true "outdoor space." Creating a great area under the covere of a patio can be some of the most unique and inexpensive living space you can get, and many people take it for granted, expecting that it's too expensive or requires too much maintenance. Here's a little tip: you don't have to dust or vacuum outdoor living spaces. How's that for maintenance?

The remaining pieces for the fire pit and water feature were ordered today. More on that to come in a future update. Until then, Parade On.

Heeding The Wife's Orders

The Jeff Click Homes Furnished Model will be closed for Father's Day.

posted Jun 13, 2008 by Jeff Click

Isn't it funny how some orders are easier to submit to than others?

In order to spend the afternoon celebrating my Dad, and perhaps to be celebrated a bit myself, the JCH Furnished Model Home in Silverhawk will be closed on Sunday, June 15th. We'll be back open bright and early again on Monday.

Happy Father's Day to all you fellow Dads out there.

COHBA Launches

Don't let the national media scare you out of the smartest move you can make.

posted Apr 16, 2008 by Jeff Click

With all the negative hype in the media about housing values falling around the country, it's no wonder many are skeptical about whether or not now is a good time to buy a new home.

The fact is, in Oklahoma, the timing to buy a new home really has never been better. The Oklahoma City Metro is among the few markets in the country still enjoying consistent gains in home values, and mortgage rates are at near all time lows. Combine those factors with our strong job growth, a strong local economy, and low cost of living, and it's obvious that Oklahoma City is defying the national trends.

Know the FACTS about the OKC housing market. Visit!

The Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association wants you to know that the bad news about housing doesn't hold true to Oklahoma. Don't let the national media scare you out of the smartest move you can make.

As acting 1st Vice President of COHBA, and officer responsible for the campaign, I'm pleased to announce the launch of this special campaign to help spread the good news about the Oklahoma City Metro Area housing market. I'll be posting more on this campaign over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, be sure to check out the site!

You can also join the cause and view our new COHBA profile on Facebook, along with our new COHBA channel on YouTube.

Model Duty

My weekend for manning the model

posted Mar 19, 2008 by Jeff Click

This Saturday from 12-6, I'll be covering our furnished model home in Silverhawk. The weather's supposed to be on the mild side, and hopefully dry, so it'll be a good day for house hunting! I'd love the chance to meet you if you're out and about and would like to stop by. If you're making plans to do so, give me a heads-up!

We'll be closed Sunday in honor of the Easter Holiday, and back in action again on Monday with regularly-scheduled programming.

Going, Going, Gone!

Jeff Click Homes teams up with NewsOK's Bid & Buy Auction to save someone thousands of dollars

posted Feb 28, 2008 by Jeff Click

Who'd have thought ten years ago...or maybe even five...that you could buy a new house online?

It's about to happen here in Oklahoma City now that Jeff Click Homes has teamed up with and this year's Bid & Buy '08 Online Auction. Just today, the team at NewsOK launched our listing for 16208 Sonoma Lake Blvd, a decked out version of our Luke Plan, built in South Edmond/NW Oklahoma City's Sonoma Lake.

Bidding won't begin until Friday, March 7th, but the listing is available for viewing now, and you can pre-register with the Bid & Buy site for a chance at winning $500 worth of "Bid Bucks" to spend on auction items, including our home.

While waiting for the bidding to heat up, you're welcome to schedule an in-person viewing of the home now, or drop by this weekend while it's open from 12-6 both Saturday & Sunday.

So why buy it through the Bid & Buy auction?
You could save thousands of dollars off of the previous sales price of $214,900!

Why would we drop the price?
We didn't necessarily. Only the outcome of the auction will determine that.

Why are you doing this?
One of Jeff Click Homes' core values is innovation. NewsOK's Bid & Buy auction is an innovative opportunity for both the consumer and for us on a promotional level.

innovation - To be among the leaders in defining trends, styles, technology, and latest best-practices.

Why this house?
We actually pondered a couple different homes, but when it came down to it, this one won out because it was complete, decoratively staged, and among our more broadly-targeted design palettes that would appeal to a wider audience than some of our more "daring" styles.

What does this change?
Nothing, really, other than the likely final sales price. The purchase still comes with our full 1-Year Customer Service Warranty, along with all of the amenities listed. You still get the same great level of personal service from Jeff Click Homes, and will work directly with us through closing just like any other home.

We only ask that you only place a bid if you're a serious, qualified buyer. If you need help making sure you're qualified, we can help. We also will exclude this transaction from any Realtor® commissions. That's not to say you can't be represented by a Realtor® in the transaction, but due to the deep discount we've provided on this house for this auction, we aren't able to pay a commission.

So if you've had an itch, maybe come Friday, March 7th, you should go scratch it.

Expo! Expo! Read All About It!

COHBA's Annual Home & Garden Expo Is This Weekend

posted Feb 21, 2008 by Jeff Click

This weekend, the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association will open the doors to its annual Home & Garden Expo at the Cox Business Center in downtown Oklahoma City. The girls and I will be making our way out there on Saturday to browse the dozens of exhibits, booths, and displays. We're excited about seeing the over-the-top landscape displays, and may sneak a stop by this year's special wine exhibit, showcasing the numerous fine wines from Oklahoma's wineries.

The Home & Garden Expo is one of two shows of its type in the Oklahoma City Metro. However, it is the ONLY locally-owned and organized event of the two. So if you're looking for something adventurous to do that will get you into some Spring Fever, come on out!

The only locally owned and organized event of its kind.

Visit the Expo's site for complete information, including the extensive list of exhibitors. Doors are open from 10am - 8pm on Saturday, and 12pm - 6pm on Sunday. Tickets are just $7 for adults and children 12 & under are free.

Time To Give Thanks

Thanksgiving Weekend Hours & Thoughts

posted Nov 20, 2007 by Jeff Click

It just doesn't seem like the Holidays until the good ol' Oklahoma weather kicks in on a moment's notice. Now that we've found our way into the 30s, let the celebrating begin, and get the cider and chili on the stove!

For Thanksgiving weekend, the Jeff Click Homes Model Home in Silverhawk will be closed on Thursday so that our staff and trades can enjoy time with their families. Friday through Sunday, we will be open by appointment only for touring of any of our homes, including the model. If you would like to schedule a tour, please contact Chris George by email or by phone at 405.627.0801. As a back-up, you may also schedule a tour on-line, or call 405.409.7689. If you'd rather stay in, but still would like to see some of our stuff, check out our new virtual tour of our furnished model, and see our media gallery.

We have so much to be thankful for, and we wish you a meaningful and relaxing Holiday weekend.

Sun Sets On Parade

The 2007 COHBA Parade Of Homes Wrap-Up

posted Oct 30, 2007 by Jeff Click

Now that I've had a day off and caught up on some sleep after 18 days straight of preparing for and working during the Parade Of Homes, I've had the chance to reflect on it and discuss it with staff and fellow builders. Here are a few thoughts:

On the Parade in general:
Probably most notable about this year's Parade is that it was a month later than usual. Thanks to extended rainy weather during the summer, the Parade Committee elected to postpone it one month to provide builders with a much-needed extra month for completion of their homes. I voted in support of this because, as past chairman, one of the largest sources of complaints from the public is due to incomplete homes. This year, complaints were drastically reduced in this regard, as the number of homes completed was much higher than previous years.

I think my successor as Parade Committee Chair, Jason Schuff, and committee, did an outstanding job all around. This event takes nearly a year to plan, from registering all the builders' homes, to preparing the data, images, and maps to homes, to preparing the magazine and coordinating public relations, and that's just the public part. So much behind the scenes goes on, and our association is thrilled at this year's success.

On Traffic:
In terms of sheer numbers, traffic was through the roof! Some builders enter the Parade to just sell that one house. We, on the other hand, prefer to use the Parade as an opportunity to plant get hundreds of visitors through our doors that we may not otherwise have had opportunity to get our work in front of. We had visitors from every area in the state, from all walks of life, make a special trip into the metro just for the Parade. Sure, we may sell a house or two immediately from the Parade (which we did this year), but the idea is to do something remarkable and memorable so visitors who come through will consider us the next time they're in the market to purchase a new home. We regularly gain clients who say they learned of us from a Parade several years ago, so we view today's efforts as important in fostering future business.

Weekend traffic lined up in front of the 4 Parade homes in Silverhawk.

We also were thrilled to see many visitors who make us a regular stop on their parade tour each year, including past clients. Short of buying one of our homes, one of the best compliments we hear is "We make time every year to always come and see your Parade home because we want to see what you've done this time around to top last year's home!" Some joke that they're "fans" or "web site stalkers," but we just view it as confirmation that we're connecting with peoples' tastes, and we love hearing about it.

I've never had as many Parade visitors actually in the market to buy as we have this year. This was very encouraging, and proves that people are beginning to recognize just how fortunate we are in Oklahoma City to have a market that provides such investment strength in real estate compared to other markets.

On the awards:
Typically, the only judgment we face is by inspectors, and most importantly, the buying public. Inspectors don't care how great a house looks, or how well you've organized space and function. They only care about whether or not your house meets code. The buying public judges from the perspective of their own taste and needs, and trust me, we pay attention to that. It's a different challenge, however, to be recognized by other professionals in the industry who look from a broader perspective of professional criteria. This year, COHBA's Wayne Del Bosque headed up the 2007 Parade Of Homes Awards, sponsored by the Sales & Marketing Council of COHBA. He implemented several changes that brought an added element of professionalism and objectivity to the judging, including bringing in builders, designers, and other real estate professionals from Tulsa.

As you can see, they hunted for style.

The judges' limo in front of the Jeff Click Homes
Parade Home on Monday morning, October 22nd, 2007.

On Wednesday, we were thrilled to learn that our Parade home won 3 of the 5 categories in our price range and area, including Best Overall Design, Best Kitchen, and Best Merchandising. This was in the price range of $200,000 - $400,000 in the West Edmond region. We were especially pleased that our Psalm 1.5 plan, which has a starting price of $205,000 in SilverHawk, was able to hold its own against competing homes with nearly twice the price tag.

As those who stopped by are aware, we did drawings for $50 gift certificates to five local restaurant favorites of JCH, including Cafe Nova, Cheever's, Deep Fork Grill, Cheeseburger In Paradise, and BJ's Brewhouse. Winners were Jason Caudillo, Nedra Webster, Don Wells, Megan Nye, and Pamela Henry. Congratulations, winners!

On the Parade next year:
We're already putting our thinking caps on for our part in the 2008 Parade Of Homes, and will be idea-jamming over the coming months on what plan we'll be focusing on to develop a concept worthy, hopefully, of a clean-sweep of all five categories. Be on the lookout for some exciting video content of "the making of" our next Parade home, which will be made available for viewing leading up to next year's Parade.

In the meantime, remember that this year's Jeff Click Homes Parade Home is also our furnished model home in Silverhawk, so it's still open for regular viewing 8-6 Monday through Friday, and 12-6 on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as by appointment outside of those hours. Come by and see is if you didn't get a chance to during the parade, or if you did, bring your friends by who didn't!

Parade Madness

What you get when you combine the Parade Of Homes and a weekend with perfect weather

posted Oct 20, 2007 by Jeff Click

Fall is gently easing us into cooler temperatures, making for perfect home shopping weather, and it seems that Oklahomans agree. Now that we're into day two of Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association's 2007 Parade Of Homes, and college games are out of the way for the weekend, lookers are out and about!

We've had a broad spectrum of spectators, from single professionals and empty nesters, to apartment renters in the city and home owners as far away as Lawton, many of whom have come out specifically to view our Jeff Click Homes Parade entry in Silverhawk. I'd estimate Saturday we had well over 100 visitors, with today looking like we'll arrive close to that number as well.

Parking In Front Of Our Model/Parade Home on Sunday afternoon.

We'll be open from 1-7pm daily now through Sunday, October 28th, so we invite you to come check us out. We're doing daily drawings for $50 gift certificates to some of OKC's top local restaurants, including Cafe Nova, Cheever's, BJ's Brewhouse, and more, so come by and enter. Pick up your free Parade Of Homes magazine at any metro-area Lowe's, or visit the official Parade Of Homes web site for more information.

Excitement On The Eve

The 2007 COHBA Parade Of Homes Kicks Off Tomorrow

posted Oct 18, 2007 by Jeff Click

For members of the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association, the Parade Of Homes is always a big event. In fact, it's the association's largest and most significant annual event, as it's our opportunity as the Oklahoma City Metro residential construction industry to showcase our latest and best products and craftsmanship.

Each year, the Parade includes two "Feature Homes," which are association-commissioned homes built by two chosen builder members. Each home is privately showcased to the association members on one of the two nights prior to the Parade's kick-off, and last night Deziray, Alessondra, and I attended the preview party for the home built by Jonathan Little of Capstone homes. I was particularly impressed by his team's approach to their home, as it was in my opinion quite-tastefully presented to an average home buyer. Often the temptation in building a feature home is to go over the top in every aspect, including the furnishings, making the home impressive, but unlivable. Kudos to Jonathan for "keeping it real" in the truest sense.

Tonight, we'll be attending friend and fellow builder, Darren Faires' feature home in Yukon. Darren is last year's COHBA President, and builds under Mashburn Faires company name. I look forward to seeing what he has in store as a builder of one of this year's Feature Homes.

Hopefully you're making plans to check out our Parade home and any of the other 170 homes on showcase this week, daily from 1-7pm, beginning Saturday, Oct 20, and running through Sunday, Oct 28th. We just had our first visitor who reported that magazines are now available at the Lowe's store on Memorial, and they are scheduled to be available at all metro-area Lowe's by noon today. Be sure to pick one up, as the magazines are free and contain detailed information and maps to every Parade Of Homes entry for this year. You may also view maps and info at the official Parade of Homes website.

For those early Saturday morning risers, I'll be making an appearance on "The Move, with Becky Ivins" tomorrow morning from 8-9AM on News Radio 1000 KTOK. We'll be discussing Jeff Click Homes, the Parade Of Homes, and the new housing market here in the Oklahoma City Metro. You can tune in on the AM dial at 1000, or via live stream.

Prepping For The Parade

Gearing Up For The 2007 Oklahoma City Metro Area COHBA Parade Of Homes...

posted Oct 15, 2007 by Jeff Click

Last weekend, Oklahoma City hosted its Oklahoma Centennial Parade, and next weekend kicks off a parade of a different kind. It's one of the most anticipated real estate events in the Oklahoma City Metro area, and this year promises to be one of the biggest. The 2007 Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association's Parade Of Homes will have all homes open daily from 1pm-7pm beginning Saturday, October 20th and running through Sunday, October 28th, and this year, it's an official Oklahoma Centennial Event.

Here at Jeff Click Homes, the annual Parade of Homes means we'll be putting that special polishing touch on every available home in our inventory, and making sure our available homes under construction are as clean and presentable as possible. The latter half of the week leading up to the event will mean photo shoots, updated print literature and web site content, and lots of TLC for this year's Jeff Click Homes Parade home in Silverhawk.

With over 170 homes entered in the event ranging from starter homes to immaculate estate homes, there's an entire spectrum to suit anyone's tastes, and this year's two Feature Homes "display the latest in technology as well as the latest styles, designs and trends. It seems to get harder each year for the feature home builders to “out do - per say the previous year’s builders," according to fellow builder and friend, Jason Schuff, who is this year's Parade Committee Chairman.

"In terms of expectations this year, I expect an even stronger turn out than previous years. With the Parade of Homes one month later, I believe there is more hype and anticipation as well as beautiful fall weather," he added. The Parade, typically in late September, was rescheduled this year to give builders an additional month of build time due to extended rainy weather this Summer.

This year's Parade magazines will be distributed once again through all metro area Lowe's locations. They are free of charge, and will be available beginning at noon on Friday, October 19th. Complete listing information on the Jeff Click Homes Parade entry for this year, as well as info on all homes in the Parade is also available at the Official Parade Of Homes Website.

The 2007 House Of Hope

Contributing to the community through building

posted Mar 9, 2007 by Jeff Click

This weekend, fellow builder and friend Todd Ehlers of Trinity Homes is unveiling the 2007 "House Of Hope," sponsored by the Central Oklahoma Homebuilders Association. Each year, COHBA's charitable sub-organization called "Homebuilders Care" chooses one builder to construct this annual project and all proceeds are donated to a local children's charity. This year's proceeds will benefit the Oklahoma Baptist Homes For Children organization.

Deziray and I toured the home last night during the private COHBA Preview Party, and I must say, the home is top-notch. Priced in the mid-$300s, and located at 1117 SW 117th St in the Meadowlake Farms addition in South Oklahoma City, this 2,800 square foot, 3-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home with study and flex room, would make a great family home for anyone in the market for such a home. I've gotten to know Todd over the past several months and from what I've seen of both his personal integrity and the quality of his work, I would highly recommend checking out this, or any of his other homes. The 2007 COHBA House Of Hope, which is available for purchase, will be open this weekend from 2-7pm each day. Private showings outside of these hours can be scheduled by calling 401-6500.

Jeff Click Homes built the 2004 House Of Hope for COHBA and raised a record $70,000 that was distributed among 5 local children's related charities including The Ronald McDonald House, Sky's The Limit Ranch, YWCA Passageways, Calm Waters, and Make-A-Wish. Based on what I saw last night, I both hope and expect that the proceeds from Todd's home will break that record, providing quite a contribution to this year's beneficiary.

Home & Garden Expo This Weekend

OKC's best craftsmen and products under one roof

posted Feb 22, 2007 by Jeff Click

This weekend is COHBA's Home & Garden Expo at the Cox Business Center in downtown Oklahoma City. Our celebrity guest is Oklahoma's own "The Gardener Guy", Paul James, host of HGTV's "Gardening By The Yard."

Show hours are Friday, Feb. 23rd from 12 noon to 8pm, Saturday from 10am to 8pm, and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Tickets are available at the door for $7. Children 12 & under are free. Bring in a cup from Subway and receive $1 off your ticket price.

I've been out there working shifts monitoring setup since Tuesday, and this year's exhibits are awesome. The arena is full of some amazing landscape designs, complete with water features, trees, and gorgeous back yard ideas. Come check it out!

Here's the official press release...

Home Builders to Host Annual Home & Garden Expo

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association (COHBA) will host their 54th annual Oklahoma City Home & Garden Expo, to be held Friday through Sunday, February 23, 24 and 25, at the Cox Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma City.

The Expo is an annual tradition, attracting thousands of Oklahomans who anticipate the arrival of spring by seeking out the latest ideas in creative design, décor and innovations for the inside and outside of their homes.

In addition to the hundreds of booths and exhibitors, this years' Expo will feature special guest Paul James. An Oklahoma native, James is a nationally recognized master gardener and host of HGTV's Gardening by the Yard. James will host three gardening presentations on Saturday at 11 a.m., 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Not only will the weekend include a national celebrity, the event will also feature the first-ever concert for Expo guests. Local band Class Act will be performing a special concert Saturday night from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. The concert is free with Expo admission.

"The Expo is the original Oklahoma City home and garden show, and the only one of its kind to be locally produced," says Kathy Holman, COHBA spokesperson and show coordinator. "We are very proud of the event's rich, 50-year history, and that we have prepared another tremendous line-up of exhibitors and informative celebrity guest speakers."

General hours for the Expo are from noon to 8 p.m. on Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Sunday. Kids ages 12 and under get in free while adult admission is only $7. Adults can receive $1 off admission by presenting a Subway drink cup upon entry.

Sponsors for this years' Home & Garden Expo include Cox Communications, Oklahoma Natural Gas, Subway Restaurants and the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association.

Established in 1943, the COHBA is a not-for-profit professional organization promoting the home building industry and its members. Known for the philanthropy of its Central Oklahoma Home Builders Foundation, the organization is Oklahoma's strongest home building association and is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders.

For additional information on the Oklahoma City Home & Garden Expo, visit