2011 People's Choice Award Winner!

You tapped your stars so we could reach for ours.

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You tap-tapped, now we WOOT-WOOT!

Thank YOU! You visited our 2011 Parade of Homes house. The beautiful, stylish, "I've never seen anything quite like it before" Mello-based plan. Wether you voted on your iPhone app, the mobile site, JCH.com, or iPad, you reciprocated the "5-star treatment" and awarded us People's Choice Award for the 2011 Parade of Homes, $250-350k division! And, although it has been the 2nd year in a row Jeff Click Homes has won the People's Choice, we picked up a few other shiny pieces of hardware along the way including Best Decorating, Best Owners Suite, and Best Kitchen. The best just don't take a rest.
Power to the People: Parade visitors rated homes using the iPhone app and Parade of Homes web site.

It means the moon and the "stars" to us that you love us, you really love us. And, we're taking the time to thank you. The entire staff at JCH has a warm place in their hearts for this accomplishment, here's a few individualized words:

Pam Bradford, Office Manager
"To be honored with the People's Choice Award 2 years in a row,= really let's us know that we are building homes that all of you appreciate."

Brodie Tucker, Community Manager
"I think the way we differ from most builders is we put together a "complete package". Many builders focus on the house itself. I think we all agree that the house has to be a big part of the focus, but putting on a great show for parade has to go much further. That is the main reason we bring in professionals to team up with us for the other details."

Sharen Polkinghorne, Home Stager/Decorator
"Winning the peoples choice award the second year in a row is awe inspiring. The entire team of professionals who work at Jeff Click Homes continues to push the envelop and each other for the most over the top award winning creativity. It's the challenge that each of us feels make our "team" the one to watch each year as we roll out our new Parade entry. People have come to expect our best and we continue to expect it from ourselves. Thus the awards! Thanks to all of our loyal followers. We appreciate you!"

Dallas Bradford, Construction Manager
"I've had people tell me recently that they'd like to use Jeff's ideas in their own homes, that's a major compliment."

Jeff Click, Head Honcho
"The team knocked it out of the park this year, and I couldn't be more proud of them, awards or not. That being said, winning Peoples' Choice again this year will go down as the highlight of the entire year for the company. It's great getting that affirmation from the people who take the time to come see our work each year."

Click To Enlarge

Click To Enlarge

We love getting creative and there's noting better than being able to share our thoughts, visions, colors, designs, plans and homes with you. It is the cherry on top that your votes gave us the 2011 Parade of Homes People's Choice award. In our opinion, it's the one we look forward to the most because it came from you, who tapped your stars so we could reach for ours.

Best. Cubed. Again.

3 Awards go to JCH...and Counting.

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The best don't take a rest. We've worked hard. We got creative. We are giving the Oklahoma City Metro something fresh, new and based on how you voted last year, YOU like it. This year, even the Parade of Homes judges liked it, as they have in the past, awarding us Best Decorating, Best Kitchen and Best Master Suite in our region and price point for the 2011 Parade of Homes!
Hot awards for a hot house. Best Kitchen, Best Owner's Suite, Best Decorating.

Best Decorating

Best Owner's Suite

Best Kitchen

These awards are sponsored by the Sales & Marketing Council of the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association. The panel of judges consists of professionals from the real estate industry. They tour each home entered into the judging, rating them in various criteria, and the awards are broken out by price point and region of OKC. BUT, the voting doesn't end there, there's still ONE more major award to jump for joy over...we'll tell you what that is in just a few.

Best Decorating
Our in-house stager, Sharen Polkinghorne, who coordinated the accessories and decorative elements, made this home look quite good. It was then topped off with furniture design by Suburban Contemporary Furniture, and commissioned art by Mary Howard and Utopia Joe.

When you look good, you look good.

Click To Enlarge.

Jeff puts it a little more eloquently, "When you combine the style of home we build with the clever staging of Sharen, the sexiness of Suburban's furniture, and the originality of Mary and Joe's art, it's a sure bet that the result will be noteworthy." He's not kidding. It's like everything good in this world came and conglomerated in this square footage of space, and everyone wanted to know where JCH got the ideas.

Best Kitchen
This kitchen of the Mello Plan is much more of a space that you're drawn into naturally, it's like the heart and soul. "I remember the first time I walked into the completed kitchen, all spic and span with Sharens' magical touches. My first thought was, what an awesome place to gather for holidays. Best Kitchen Award that is the icing on the cake in this kitchen! Exceptional counter space and built-in eating areas, combined with the interior design attributes by Mr. Jeff himself, make this kitchen the "hot spot" of the house!" Pam Bradford of Jeff Click Homes. BAM.

Style, space, and function is what we're pitchin'.

Click To Enlarge.

Click To Enlarge.

Best Owner's Suite
When Sharen staged this, she had the word "Master" in mind. All of the elements you look for in a master suite combined with creative elements of furniture and usage of color and design.

The best spot to rest your pretty little head.

Click To Enlarge.

Click To Enlarge.

In Sharen's words, "The bed, the tub, the inspiration! I wanted this area of the home to be the retreat from the hustle and bustle of a busy day. Walk around the corner and have your breath taken away every day of the year! The bed started the total theme of 'sexy elegance'. We built on the theme through out the room layer upon layer. Elegant pewters, silvers, mirrors, and platinum bedding and then top it off with an astonishing pop of color: Violet!"

It's like you're literally swept away to another time and place. Perfect touches of Mary Howard art and seductive furnishings from Suburban Contemporary Furniture.

Power To The People
Help us reach for the stars by tapping them for us.

With those 3 being at the top of the judges' list, there's still THE important award to be given: The People's Choice Award. It's important because it's given by the public (that's you, our clients, our fans, our followers!) by rating our home via the iPhone app, mobile web site, or Parade Of Homes web site. You can vote once per device.

Clients, friends, and fans hang on the outdoor living space at the 2011 Meet Mello Preview Party.

"Three is really flattering to receive, but we will always strive for a clean sweep, we will work harder and keep innovating and pushing boundaries." Dallas Bradford of JCH.

We won Peoples' Choice last year and would love people to rate our home this year in hopes to win it again. You gotta see this home for yourself, stop being jealous of your friend for checking it out before you.

Tap on the 5-stars.

Award Winner of the "Metro 50"

...pretty stinkin' nifty!

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Each year the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual awards banquet to identify and honor the metro's "Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies". Its basis lies upon revenue growth from 2008 to 2010. This year's banquet was held on Thursday, September 22, 2011 and awards were presented by Mayor Mick Cornett. Not only did Jeff attend the banquet, Jeff Click Homes was in the top 50.

"We were up against some great companies; the Oil & Gas field, medical firms, Loves Country Stores, Biotech companies, and others. But, we were only 1 of 2 residentially-focused construction companies recognized." says Jeff. "It was awesome getting to represent Jeff Click Homes as one of the OKC Metro Area's 50 fastest growing companies, but my receiving the award was only a small part of a long process that involved the great efforts of the entire JCH staff. To have experienced such growth during the worst housing downturn in US history means first that it could be nothing short of a blessing. That being said, it's also the result of the efforts of what I believe is pound-for-pound the most talented, committed, and efficient staff of any home building company in the state. To achieve this growth, in a market like this, without increasing staff is nothing short of amazing."

The video screen when JCH was announced.
Jeff receiving the Metro 50 award.

The Chamber reviewed potential recipients based on financial data submitted. Quite a bit of numbers, some paperwork, and maybe a few charts and graphs were assessed, however, this means much more to the employees than just some numbers and a piece of paper, "It's experiencing growth." says our office manager, Pam Bradford. "I remember a time when I was only working 3 hours a day, and no weekends! Now we are all working many more hours, 6 - 7 days a week. All of us have no issue with sacrificing personal time for the growth of the company because we build more than just houses, we create a place of life and it's that very reason that it makes time spent "on the clock" enjoyable."

So what else contributes to the speedy growth of the company? Personality, taking chances, identifying what customers want...sometimes before they know they want it, introducing them to new ideas and designs to fit their lifestyle or even adding ideas they may have not thought of.

Jeff and his wife, Deziray.

Jeff with Chamber President Roy H. Williams

"In 2010 we had a great opportunity to launch the Urbana Series By Jeff Click Homes." adds Brodie Tucker, our community manager. "This was a new series of smaller, even more energy efficient modern and contemporary homes with awesome amenities and quality that rivals most homes that are much more expensive. Many of our clients are so passionate about our homes that they will wait years until they are able to afford them. The Urbana series allowed many of those clients that may not need the extra square footage to afford those homes sooner. They were a huge hit and we are getting ready to launch another section of the Urbana series now." A perfect example of how JCH listened and heard.

JCH Construction Supervisor, Dallas Bradford, adds, "In 2010 I saw a revelation. Jeff all of a sudden decided to push head first into more of the design aspect. I remember "laughingly" testing the waters with a benefit house we did for charity back in the day. It was gorgeous. And, the most recent home displayed at The Parade of Homes took it to another level and I could tell it was full on then and we all dug in with excitement about putting out a product that you love or hate as a buyer, but to us they are all gems. Hopefully to our homeowners as well."

In Jeff's words, "The JCH staff has proven it can scale and up the effort to just about any challenge, and I give Dallas, Pam, Brodie, and Sharen all of the credit in the world for this award. I love those guys and can't say enough about their commitment to our company, their passion for our vision, and for their dedication to our clients and the homes we build for them."

So there you have it. There are many reasons a business grows, but this award and success of the company is because of you: our employees, our clients, our readers, our fans, our "likes" and that's the most important part of the business. You're kind of a big deal.

To the skies!

JCH in the azure blue.

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Sweet, simple, sassy...or any other "s" words you'd like to use to describe our newest "Mello" billboard, which is second to one. Not second to none. We mean that we've only used one other board to take our ultra-modern esteem to higher level...in the sky! So the location for our urban, modern home styles is key.
Baby, we look so good in blue.

It soars gracefully over Oklahoma City's hottest social space, Bricktown. We chose the Walnut Bridge because it's a nice piece of OKC's urban history. Recently renovated and modernized, it also leads to one of Downtown's hottest hippest living areas, Deep Duece, the previous stomping grounds of many of our clients who now enjoy what we provided them...their urban styled, modern new home in Oklahoma City.

This ain' no bridge to nowhere.
Just beyond, The Deuce. The Deep Deuce.

To answer your next question: we chose this particular "urban living" area because like the styles found
in urban living, not everyone wants or needs to live downtown. JCH is here to pave out that red dirt road on out to the 'burbs.

It takes more than one smart cookie to see out these kinds of projects from start to finish. (Just like with our homes.) So we high-fived with our friends at Traction Marketing, who remarkably helped us introduce OKC to Mello, our newest floor plan, upon which our new furnished model home is based. Their understanding of our sense of style, the homes we build, and our audience, combined with their own design acumen, audience-targeting, and final execution of the billboard...well, let's just say it put the cherry on top. Not to mention, we're mutual fans of each other's work.

Now you know a bit of the short, sweet, sassy, simple story behind our tall, towering, tantalizing,
Traction-Media'd billboard.

Now go ahead...and MEET MELLO.

Blazin' Temps, Sssmokin' Style

Inspired Style - Vol. 3 Is Smoldering

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We're not ones to tease over here, but we have so much to tickle your fancy over in the coming month. Before we do that, though, these past few weeks have been so full of the sweet scent of everything awesome, that we must recap here and move it out to make room for more.
In Volume 3 of our beloved Inspired Style newsletter, we're hittin' you with articles like our latest "WTFF: The Silence of the Slams". (A little hint: it doesn't have anything to do with Hannibal Lector but it does keep you out of the doghouse at 2am when you have Dorito munchies.) Now we're sure you're curious and ready to place the lotion in the basket again.

Jeff also got to take a week/end to attend The OSHBA Convention. No, not a sci-fi seminar (light sabers were left at home), but the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association Summer Convention at the Choctaw Casino in Durant, OK. Jeff describes the casino's mod attire, some home builder talk on the economy, and even got to visit the smokin' hot Cardinal Glass Factory to peer in on how glass for the Anderson Silverline windows (used in JCH) were produced.

You might want to check out our latest projects, too. Filled with some sweet amenities which makes JCH the sweetest builder of modern homes in Oklahoma City. We've got the stuff that's got everyone talkin'. Links to everything are below, yo.

Check out the full issue (and subscribe to receive it by email each month!).

Jeff's in the mood.


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By now, you may (or may not) know that Jeff Click Homes come chock-full of some wicked amenities. In other words, items offered standard in our homes, might come with an extra, hefty price tag in competitive builders. Or, the other builders may not even give you the option. Either way, neither Jeff nor our homes are strangers to high-end amenities despite our affordable price point.
Amenity-Dense Contemporary New Homes in Edmond & Oklahoma City
All this in a home under 2K square feet? We got your amenities right here, pal.

That's why over the weekend the NEWSOK: Sunday Mood Select featured Jeff in their instructive article titled: HIGH-END AMENITIES TEMPT MANY HOMEBUYERS. So, moozie on over and learn a bit on what JCH offers in our contemporary new homes in Edmond & Oklahoma City, and just because the Red, White and Blue is rolling off of a recession, why it's still important to not shun "quality over quantity".

Baby Come Back...

Any kind of fool could see. We were wrong, and we just can't live...

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We're sorry. Really, really sorry.
"Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future." -Paul Boese

Franklin P. Adams once said, "To err is human; to forgive, infrequent." Well, consider these next few words a gigantic sign direct from the poet himself. (We love us some Franklin P. Adams over here.)

Why should we apologize, you ask? Well, it's been a while since we've given you, our readers, a perpetual flow of contemporary eye candy. Nor is it like us to deprive our faithful following of valuable tips such as: how to change an air filter, how to score that superb sounding theater set up without spending your great-grandfather's inheritance, or how to avoid frozen pipes in the dead middle of winter in Oklahoma.

Honestly, guys. We want to make this right. We want you to look forward to a monthly "red-bull strength" dose of style, tech, and modern living in OKC, as much as we look forward to creating it and writing about it.

The Mello's Bellow

To be about to be. That is the answer.

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We are adrenalized. We are geared up. We are COMIN' OUT guns-blazin' with our next furnished model home, based on our brand new plan: The Mello.

Lucidly stating, the word "mello" comes from those canny Greeks meaning "to be about to be, to the point of doing" and it just so happens that the name of this plan introduces this very blog post. We're about to do this, girls and boys. And we'll take you with us until the fat lady singsor the final walk-through of the house occurs, just before we open it up to you, the public, for the next few years. (If I can con Jeff into hiring a large opera singing woman to "bellow in the Mello" upon the final look of the furnished model, I will consider that a serious bucket-list item check-off.)
The front elevation of the new furnished model home's
rendition of the Mello Plan at 17320 White Hawk Dr.

"The Mello Plan is perhaps one of the biggest leaps forward we've taken on an actual plan to date. In the past, we've typically focused on finishes and minor design elements to create our trademark look across our plan spectrum. The Mello Plan marks a new shift in making even bolder statements with the actual plans themselves, and once they're topped off with our forward-thinking design elements, it's sure to magnify the unique outcomes we're known for." -Jeff Click

The new Mello floorplan by Jeff Click Homes.

So there you have it, a forward-thinking approach from the coach. So yep, we are starting this 2,446 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths, 2.5 car garage house in the lustrous Silverhawk community in Edmond. Some things that make it unique? Well, here are a few:

The Mello Plan's kitchen is as formal as you want
it to be, with it's built in table that seats 6.

- Oh, that kitchen! With tons of prep space and bonus space (for your optional buffet or "vino bar"), it acts as a chameleon and can pretty much adapt to whatever occasion you put it through.

- A powder room just for guests.

- A media room that offers a raised bar to turn your home into that place where EVERYONE wants to go to watch the game.

A mod master bath, with stand-alone tub,
separate vanity spaces, and walk-in shower.

- The generous master suite with it's undeniably wondrous master bath that contains divided vanities to make way for a roomy dressing space, backed by a standalone modern soaker tub and walk-in doorless shower and prodigious closet space (we're talking huge, here.)

- The extended covered patio that acts as an "extension" to the living, media room and kitchen.

- And, as always, there's never a dull moment in the beauty of JCH. Plenty of decorative niches, joisted ceilings, raised study room, and particularly in this house, the optional entertainment wall of pure mod design that includes a horizontal overhead decorative niche, a wall-mounted widescreen fireplace, sleep cabinetry for storage of components, and the perfect spot for your beloved display device.

Jeff's hand-sketched mock-up of the new furnished model's
entertainment wall with a widescreen fireplace.

We hope this tantalized you at least just a little. If so, go get a little more detail on what this house has to offer.

We're such teases.

OUTLOOK 2011 | Artful Visionaries

Who wants to be a visionary?

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Take just 3 minutes and think back to when you were 22 years old. (I'll wait.)
Probably post-college. Awkward. Maybe even a little pressured by what the world had to offer. Regardless of where you were, or what you were doing at the time...you probably had some vivid, fanciful images (non-related to ANY type of hallucinogenic, of course) of what your future might hold, right? I know I did and I didn't even need that funky smelling green stuff to get me excited about things.

Jeff Click, back in the software development days, circa 1996.

Well, neither did Jeff Click, but on a different level. After reading this article about him, it's almost like this awesome dude was dreaming of "00011100100001" and/or groundworking some mad schematics from inside his Momma's womb. It seemed only kosher that, while in college, Jeff managed his own software development company (you heard me) and at 22 began building houses.

Where does he get creativity and inspiration? Who are/were his motivators? How does his wife's love of dark chocolate compare to his intensity for technology? Find out in this article at NewsOK from the Oklahoman's 2011 Outlook Edition.


Get down, turn around, go to town, reboot scootin' boogie.

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Re-boot. Ree-boot. Reboot? REBOOT.

It's so funny how the brain depicts a word if you look at it over and over again. A bunch of letters turn into almost a meaningless cluster of black and white squiggles. This is one instance where it's okay because the meaning of the word "reboot" stands for more than just "restarting a computer by reloading its operating system". 'Promise we won't get all nerd on you. (I bet you thought we would for a second though, didn't you?)
So let's reboot to a new housing market, a new era and a new start. Remember that song "Regulate" by Warren G/Nate Dogg? (May he rest in peace). There was a verse that went: "I'm tweakin' to a whole new era, G-funk step to this, I dare ya."

The COHBA Event Center awaits the subs, trades, & suppliers of
Jeff Click Homes to arrive, complete with company t-shirts for each attendee.

Well, Jeff generated his own creative version of exactly this at the "REBOOT" event held on Thursday, April 14. Of course, this said generated version was in form of an innovative keynote presentation. (Think Steve Jobs-ish minus the whole black turtleneck deal.) The reasoning behind this bash was to thank, educate, alleviate, refresh, and illuminate (if you will) the extended team of Jeff Click Homes. A similar event was hosted a few years ago and the return on effort was amazing when it came to the workforce morale. It was time to do it again, only bigger and better.

Nearly 120 of Jeff Click Homes' subcontractors, trades, and suppliers enjoy lunch at
the REBOOT event hosted at the new COHBA Event Center.

In other words, well...reboot. Nearly 120 talented subcontractors, trades, suppliers, friends, and family, joined to listen to Jeff speak on behalf of himself and the JCH team and how they busted through a misshapen market downturn by using fresh technology and faithful practices. Also a prime opportunity to explain in hindsight what's happened in the market, calm some fears within our team about the present, and inspire them with what we have in store for them in the future.

Jeff gives the audience a brief run-down of hot market issues for the industry.

Amongst the back-splashed red and black paraphernalia, table chairs dressed with black "JCH" logo T-shirts, and a huge spread of assembled food for the packed house, Jeff sent quite a dispatch out. A message about strong core-values within our business such as progress and style, excellence and innovation. And best practices via charts and graphs on how JCH actually increased permits when others somewhat fell short, to getting down to the nitty-gritty of the business plan and communication.

Jeff takes a moment to be open and honest about from where his company's
core values and commitments are derived.

One phrase that particularly stuck out with everyone: "Marketing isn't everything. Everything is marketing." Insanely clever. Insanely true...to just about every extent of the words. Just sit there upon that one and think about it.

The campus of Central Oklahoma Homebuilders Association was just the place to get everyone involved in all processes of the business together and simply reboot. To refresh, renew and reassure that, with a little faith, hard-work, technology and communication everyone involved, will thrive.

The team learns about the new project management system called ClickBuild that JCH has designed
to improve their entire building process.

An event like this, while aimed directly at those behind the scenes at Jeff Click Homes, ultimately affects the excellence in what we do. That's always a good thing for our homeowner clients.

Introducing Ms. Write

We finally found her. And she's very tall.

posted Apr 13, 2011 by Jeff Click

From the hills of West Virginia, to the concrete jungle in Chicago. Meandering her way, somehow, (unbeknownst to man) directly to the flat-lands of the "lone-star state" flying now as the co-pilot of her husband in the Air Force Reserve and settling down in OKC, Cara found us.
She told us most of her life was quite literally, "up in the air". Nothing was ever set in stone. Every 4-6 years, she upped and moved to a different city. Just because. But, what she really didn't know is that these 6 google searched words: "MODERN HOME BUILDERS IN OKLAHOMA CITY" would land her a gig at our digs as a blog writer.

To catch my drift, check out this post she wrote, on her site, about Jeff Click Homes that caught our eye.

So welcome aboard, Ms. Write/Cara. We'll be looking forward to seeing you 'round the...nare, I say...blogosphere.

Jeff Click Homes Is Hiring

Doing our part to tackle unemployment.

posted Mar 6, 2011 by Jeff Click

Position 1: Misc. Task Ninja - Full Time
Application Deadline: Monday, March 21

Are you a wicked blend of Mr. Fixit and Ms. Clean? Do you get your kicks out of crushing lengthy to-do lists with excellence? Are you able to work well in a team environment, but still work efficiently and fly under the radar as an individual when unsupervised? Can you handle the raw grit of construction sites, but also work in clean environments and leave no trace of your presence there? Are you cool with menial tasks from sweeping and changing lightbulbs, to cleaning and vacuuming, but still possess mad skills when it comes to pipes, wires, and gadgets?

If so, and you're interested in working for a team of inter-related construction, development, and property management companies, we want to hear from you.

Applicants must:

  • Be able to truthfully and enthusiastically answer "Yes!" to the above questions.

  • Have good communication skills for use with coworkers and clients

  • Possess experience in construction and or related technical services, such as HVAC, Electric, and/or Plumbing

  • Have reliable transportation (preferably a truck) for use on the job

  • Have an adequate supply of misc. tools for use on the job (we'll help with needed specialized tools).

  • Have working mobile phone with text, email, and web capabilities. (Not a deal-breaker if you don't. We'll work it out.)

  • Be technically proficient in the use of texting, email, web, and be trainable to work on in-house proprietary project management system.

Starting pay is $10/hr with stipend for gas and mobile phone service. Opportunity for raise at pre-determined periodic intervals of service with the company. Workers Compensation insurance will be provided.

Application Instructions:
Email resumes to jeff@jeffclickhomes.com with a paragraph or two introduction and reasons why you're a good fit for the job.

Note: No phone calls or visits, please. We'll contact you to schedule interviews when we've compiled and reviewed applicants.

Position 2: Mr/Ms. Write - Part Time
Application Deadline: Monday, March 21

Are you a creative writer looking for interesting, part-time work? Are you able to assimilate information about subjects with which you may not be familiar and compose a well-written piece on the topic? Do you have a knack for finding creative ways to communicate in a concise way? Are you capable of identifying and decoding key elements of a company's personality and encoding them into a consistent voice for writing? Are you familiar with and able to use en-vogue terminology, pop-culture references, and witty thought in a way that still remains intellectual? Are you up-to-speed on all of the latest social media trends and how each one lends itself to different approaches when writing for it?

If so, Jeff Click Homes and its related companies are looking to fill a position for a creative writer to help compose marketing, blog, and ad copy. If you're looking for flexibly-scheduled, part-time work putting these skills to use in a group of innovative companies, let's hook up!

Applicants should:

  • Meet all of the criteria listed above.

  • Have your own computer (ideally mobile) to use on the job. Big bonus points for applicants who already use Apple products.

  • Have your own transportation when working at our offices.

  • Have connectivity when working remotely.

  • Be proficient in grammar, spelling, and require little to no editing or proofing.

  • Be technically proficient in the use of web, email, social media, as well as be trainable to work on in-house proprietary project management system.

Starting pay is $10/hr. Opportunity for raise at pre-determined periodic intervals of service with the company.

Note that if you're looking to have this serve as credit for internship, that's doable. However, we're looking for someone for more than just a semester, so you'll need to be willing to go beyond the internship period.

Application Instructions:
1) Browse our company site.
2) See if you think you'd want to be writing for this site, among others like it.
3) If so, email jeff@jeffclickhomes.com with your best 500-word (or less) pitch for why you're "the one." You'll be considered based on how well you can incorporate the traits listed in the job description. Please include your preferred contact information aside from email. Good luck!

Note: No phone calls or visits, please. We'll contact you to schedule interviews when we've compiled and reviewed applicants.

We're A Readers Choice Finalist

Vote Jeff Click Homes for "Best New Home Builder - North"!

posted Jun 13, 2009 by Jeff Click

We're pleased to learn that Jeff Click Homes is a finalist in the NewsOK / Oklahoman 2009 Readers Choice Awards! JCH was among the top 5 nominees for the category of "Best New Home Builder - North", which encompasses the northern half of the Oklahoma City Metro Area. We're both humbled and honored to be considered for the awards.
Vote For Jeff Click Homes!

Anyone can vote once daily through June 22 at NewsOK.com's 2009 Readers Choice Online Ballot, and we hope you'll make us your choice for the 2009 Readers Choice for Best New Home Builder in North Oklahoma City!


Brodie Tucker Joins The Jeff Click Homes Family

posted Oct 17, 2008 by Jeff Click

I'm pleased to announce the addition of Brodie Tucker to the Jeff Click Homes staff. Brodie brings a broad spectrum of talents and experience to the table, including years of new home sales experience in the northwest Oklahoma City metro and Edmond areas. He will serve as community manager for Jeff Click Homes.

From being the friendly face in the model home on a daily basis, to counseling new clients through the home buying experience, both his knowledge and personable approach will be one more component to a satisfying home buying experience with the company.
Come by and meet Brodie at the model, 12-6 daily, and check out his profile here at the site.

The Rock Star Model

JCH Furnished Model Home Stars In A Commercial

posted May 9, 2008 by Jeff Click

A few weeks ago, my friends at Mason & Moon Advertising stopped by and turned our furnished model home in Silverhawk upside down. They emptied out the living room, re-arranged the furniture, covered all the windows with black pastic, and brought in some of the coolest video gear and lighting I've seen and turned the breakfast area into a make-shift production studio.


To shoot a new commercial for the Thunderbird Casino. Take a viewing of the commercial and watch the first part she's sitting on the couch painting her nails. Who knew a model home would need a booking agent?

The Thunderbird Casino Commercial Shot at the Jeff Click Homes Furnished Model Home

When That Parade Comes Marching In

Jeff Click Homes gears up for the 2008 Parade Of Homes

posted Apr 1, 2008 by Jeff Click

I haven't been able to make time to post recently, as there's a lot going on here in the JCH studio. We've recently unleashed three brand new plans, all with larger square footages by popular demand. The Timothy, The Romans, and The Numbers plan all have unique layouts and even more opportunities for that cool-factor our homes are known for.

I'm particularly excited about The Numbers plan, on which we're basing our entry for this year's COHBA Parade Of Homes, which will be September 13-21. We're getting the home underway in Silverhawk, and have several surprises in store for it! I'll post more as construction continues.

Best, Cubed

Jeff Click Homes Wins Best Kitchen, Best Merchandising, & Best Overall Design Awards For 2007 Parade Of Homes

posted Oct 23, 2007 by Jeff Click

One of the most rewarding aspects of building homes, for me, is to witness the expressions and hear the comments of visitors as they walk into one of our homes. This week is one of my favorite weeks of the year when it comes to work-life, because it's the one week when more people visit our homes than in any other week.

It's also a thrill to be recognized by colleagues in our own industry as a standout among our competition. I'm pleased to share that Jeff Click Homes has been honored with awards in three of five categories in the 2007 COHBA Parade Of Homes Awards! Judging took place on Monday, as builders, designers, Realtors, and other industry professionals from throughout the state, toured Parade homes entered for the awards, which were comprised of 5 total categories and divided by price point and region.

For the $200K-400K price point in Edmond, JCH was recognized for Best Kitchen. Judging in this category includes both design elements, use of materials, and overall functionality.

The award-winning kitchen of our Parade Home. View All Photos...

Jeff Click Homes was also recognized as the winner of the "Best Merchandising" category. Judging in this category focuses on the builder's marketing materials, company image, and presence within the Parade home.

Our showroom in the study of the Parade Home. View All Photos...

We were also awarded "Best Overall Design," which encompasses the design and functionality of the home's floorplan in general. This year's Parade home is based on our Psalm 1.5 plan.

The living room of the Psalm 1.5 plan. View The Psalm 1.5...

We feel honored and blessed to have been recognized by our colleagues, and congratulate the other builders who also won in their categories. We look forward to gearing up for the 2008 Parade Of Homes, when we will strive for a clean sweep of all five categories!

Geek Is Chic

Richard Mize reminds all to "be nice to geeks"

posted Jun 29, 2007 by Jeff Click

It's not every day you get mentioned in an article in The Oklahoman. It's even more rare to be called a "geek" in front of hundreds of thousands of readers, as I was in this weekend's paper.

So I like technology. I enjoy a well-designed, useful gadget. I like being on the bleeding edge of what's new. There's a term for guys like me, and strangely it has become a badge of honor, despite being the derogatory term it used to be. No longer is it a label reserved just for those who wear thick-rimmed glasses and pocket protectors. That's why I can forgive Richard Mize, aside from the fact that I like the guy, for calling me a geek this weekend in his article entitled, "Developer, builders share their thoughts of biblical proportions".

For the article, I was asked what special technologies we use here at Jeff Click Homes. While the answer can change from one week to the next, we do rely heavily on several particular technologies. Our computer company of choice is Apple. Walk into our furnished model and you'll find that to be no secret. We use an iMac in the showroom to organize all our media, from music that's played in the model, to the tens of thousands of photos of nearly every house we've built to date. Want to see all the different varieties of styles we can implement into The Psalm? Watch the presentation in the showroom, or make your way to a comfy couch in the living room, where a 42" LG Plasma TV awaits you with an HD slideshow via Apple TV.

We rely on several other Macs, both desktop and portable, to run our office, produce print literature, advertisements, web site design, and lots more, all of which we do in-house, thanks to how well Apple integrates both media production and organization into their systems. They also play nicely with all of our other geek tools, from digital cameras, to video production equipment. It may be geeky, but it's cool at the same time.

If there's anything that makes it a bit more palatable to be called a geek in front of the entire metro area, it's the context in which Mize labeled me...

"And he is a geek, a tag he's proud of. He reminds me of a bumper sticker I've seen. It reads: "Be nice to geeks. Chances are you'll end up working for one."

Sorry, Richard. We don't have any openings at this time.

Core Value: Progress

Pursuing progress intentionally with a pre-defined purpose

posted May 8, 2007 by Jeff Click

I make a point to not only work in my business, but also to work on my business as much as possible. What's the difference?

Working in your business is putting efforts towards the day to day operational tasks required to conduct business. For me, this includes walking job-sites, making punch lists, supervising schedules to make sure we're on track to meet deadlines, reviewing invoices, and placing orders. I'm giving time and attention to specific projects and the repetitive tasks involved in keeping the business running.

Working on your business is focusing on the bigger picture of how the company operates as an organization. In the case of Jeff Click Homes, when I work on the business, I'm putting thought and effort towards improving the experience that we provide for our clients, how effective our marketing is or isn't, or ways we can refine and focus our efforts to embody what is important to us as an organization.

One important step in working on your business is to define your mission. A mission statement is a brief statement of purpose; it's what you seek to do as an organization. Another important step is to identify and define core values. Core values are the top five to ten qualities that you embody or strive to embody within your organization.

As stated in our company mission and values page, Progress is a core value we strive to embody. We define progress as "To always seek to improve and better all aspects of our organization before seeking growth."

I often read about or hear other builders talk about wanting to become a "bigger" builder. Maybe it's to build in the largest number of neighborhoods over any other competitor. It could be to pull the largest number of permits in the next year, or to become a national or multi-state builder. That may be an appropriate ambition for other builders, but it's not consistent with the mission or core values of Jeff Click Homes.

Part of embodying our core value of progress is to continually work on the business, specifically targeting components of how the company operates for the purpose of improving those aspects of how we do business. Currently, we're focusing on improving our internal processes, which include how we place orders, how we track job-site progress, and how we communicate with both our clients and our trades. We're also seeking ways we can improve several aspects of our homes, including energy efficiency, style enhancements, and additional options for clients to have in customizing the home we build for them.

These all translate into improvements that our clients will hopefully recognize and appreciate. Making progress, as we define it, will help us to provide each client with a remarkable experience. To us, this is far more important than becoming a "bigger builder."

JCH Home Adorns Cover Of Central OK Homes Magazine

New meaning to the term "Cover Model"

posted Mar 29, 2007 by Jeff Click

It's a dream for many to have their home showcased in a magazine, and it's even more special when it makes the cover. Proud home owners Steve & Jeanie get to live that dream when their new JCH home is featured on the cover of this month's issue of Central Oklahoma Homes Magazine.

Their metropolitan-style home in Rosewood Estates was Jeff Click Homes' 2006 entry in the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association's annual Parade Of Homes. The home, based on The Psalm II plan, unveiled an all new JCH color scheme and design detail that will be further perfected for use in the up-coming Jeff Click Homes Furnished Model Home in our latest community, SilverHawk. The home also included a unique abstract painting I did comprised of all of the original paint colors used in the home.

Be sure to check out the April issue of Central Oklahoma Homes Magazine on-line, or in print at any of over 500 locations throughout the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area, including restaurants, grocery stores, and department stores. Print versions are free.