Certainly Certifiably Certified

A LOT more than a sheet of fancy paper.

posted Nov 3, 2011 by

We like to keep our clients in the light when it comes time to topics that can and will benefit them. Many home builders talk a big game about things like "quality craftsmanship", "only the best materials", and other abstract, often subjective marketing babble. But many times, they fail to tell you when you need to know something muy importante. Like whether or not they are a Oklahoma State Certified Professional Builder. Or the fact that in the state of Oklahoma you don't have to be licensed to be a builder. So, we think it's totally cool when the boss-man, Jeff Click, gives an interview (direct from the sweet JCH design nook at the office) on the importance of the topic, and why he deems it necessary for this voluntary certification.
The Oklahoma State Home Builders Association is launching a campaign that brings more awareness to its "Certified Professional Builder" program that will, in itself, educate the consumer. What Jeff talks about in the video is why he decided to become a Certified Professional Builder. It's pivotal, and in 2009, Jeff was the President of the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association (which is the OKC-area local association) now he holds the Vice President spot on the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association, and will serve as President in 2013.

Why Jeff chose to hold these positions isn't just so he can say so, either. There's important reasoning behind why. He believes in observing core values within Jeff Click Homes, and a couple of them are progress and excellence. He explains that progression equals learning and continually striving for proficiency within the company, and in doing so, excellence follows. The Certified Professional Builder program is just one way he strives to achieve this.

A builder doesn't just take a test and "BAM!" he/she is certified. It takes a long-term commitment and careful criteria which includes continuing education, carrying the proper types of insurance, knowing and adhering to codes, and employing best practices and the latest in building sciences. Any builder can vouch for the quality of their homes until the cows come home, but the certification label gives a peace of mind to the consumer, that the builder is, in fact, legit.

"I believe that to the consumer, that shows a certain level of commitment to being not only legitimate, but to excelling, seeking the highest standards and being more in-tune with the latest best practices, the latest codes and hopefully that translates into abiding by them and a better outcome altogether for the consumer." --Jeff Click

We expect that our consumers do their research just as much as we continually do ours at JCH. And, we feel it's vital to you, the consumer, to know that our standards are equally as high.