WTFF: Let There Be Light

Another fascinating gadget going on (and off) here at Jeff Click Homes.

posted Feb 1, 2012 by

We've got some fascinating gadgets going on (and off) here at Jeff Click Homes. This next little number is indisputably called "The Proximity Sensing Switch". Because, well, it does just that! It actually senses motion. Coming from our Media Director, Jonathan Youngblood: "Need a light? Boom. Done. Don't even think about it."
Need a light on? Boom. Done. Don't even think about it.

Not only does this thing look cool, but the versatility of the switch is what makes it even cooler. In most cases, you leave the switch on auto so that when it senses motion, it automatically turns on. We know your little mind is coming up with some "Yeah, but what if?" So, hold that because this thing is not only smart, it's genius and practical, too.

Women: if you're putting on makeup in the morning or slipping into the tub for a nice, relaxing soak, you can turn it on just like a normal light switch, and it stays on. This keeps from it turning on and off during times of limited motion.

It costs us $45 more, but we do it for you in every bathroom. It's cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you.

Guys: this thing is great for you, too, picture it...those late night trips to the bathroom, you're half zombified, the last thing you really want to do is wander around for a light switch when you end up touching your toothbrush, bar of soap, etc. And let's be honest, you're not always 100% accurate with the "aiming-in-the-dark" thing, so this will narrow down any chances of getting in the doghouse when the wifey wakes up.

Off, Auto, On. You decide.

You can even adjust the amount of time that the light stays on after it senses motion. It can be adjusted by simply removing a couple of the screws and adjusting a dial on the backside of the switch. The cost per unit on the Proximity Sensing Switch is $45 over a regular decora style switch, but we cover the cost for every bathroom in your house.

Think about the long run, you save $$ and energy. And that's a beautiful thing...just not as beautiful, though, as when the switch rats you out in a game of hide-and-seek with the kids.