We Love Connectedness

JCH talks tech and trends with The Oklahoman's Real Estate Magazine.

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The Saturday Oklahoman's Real Estate Magazine recently gave JCH some love with a feature story. The topic? How Technology and Current Trends are Affecting New Home Design. So, naturally, The Oklahoman came to us and one of the best remodellers in Oklahoma City, A Karen Black Company, for some insight on the matter. We'll let the feature story speak for itself as to its focus: "technology has changed the game in entertaining, replacing bulky televisions and stereos with more streamlined devices that take up less space and draw music and movies wirelessly through the Internet."

Our "Luxe Entertainment Wall", an option in the Mello plan, gives asymmetrical balance to a large flat
panel display, keeping it from becoming a bulky focal point.

We know a thing or two about "connectedness" in the home. We use it in a multi-faceted way encouraging both physical and virtual connections. So the feature uses our our Mello furnished model home located in the Silverhawk addition to illustrate how the use of space can encourage social connectivity (the physical). We also believe that seamless, and in some cases, concealed, integration of technology plays a major role in design (the virtual). For example, our flat panel display serves as a complement to, rather than the focal point of, our "Luxe Entertainment Wall" in the great room of our Mello model home.

The Mello Great Room

The Mello Media Room

The Mello Powder Bath

The story also touches on other amenities and design considerations for social aspects of the home, mentioning our built-in dining table that seats up to 6 (8 if you include the bar), which can be both formal and casual. But not all of our design and tech comes in big packages. "Some of the most appreciated items seem to be the simplest: motion sensor lights in the bathrooms, Touch 2 O Faucet in the kitchen, or the simple shiny button (Disposal Switch)," says our Sales Manager, Brodie Tucker, regarding other nice touches in the model.

Our built-in dining table is as formal or as casual as you want it to be.

This, friends, is why Jeff Click Homes is known as leader in both design trends and in the implementation of new technologies into its homes. Given Jeff's formal background in technology and software development, it's no wonder he's the go-to guy as a thought leader on the topic.

"Connectedness" = our design philosophy. Read up on it by checking out the full feature story on Jeff Click Homes at NewsOK.