Jeff Is Stuck In Virtual Reality

Help find Jeff in our latest VR Tour by Newspin 360!

posted Oct 27, 2010 by Jeff Click

Nobody does virtual tours like NewSpin360. We teamed up with those guys years ago to shoot the most off-the-hook, scary-real virtual tours of our furnished models ever (and NewSpin360 is right here in Oklahoma!)

A screenshot of NewSpin360's awesome VR tour of the Jeff Click Homes 2010 Parade of Homes entry.

Our latest virtual tour is now up and ready for you to view, regardless of time of day or your attire! Whether you didn't get a chance to view our 2010 Parade of Homes entry, or if you saw it and wish you could see it again, it doesn't matter. Now you can. (And you can even hit the URL from your iPhone and view it there!)

Did you know that Jeff makes a little cameo appearance in each VR we shoot? See if you can spot him!

If you've missed our previous VR Tours, be sure to check these out...

2009 Jeff Click Homes Parade of Homes Entry
Based on our Daniel Plan, and winner of Best Overall Design, Best Kitchen, and Best Decorating

2008 Jeff Click Homes Parade of Homes Entry
Based on our Numbers Plan, which is also the plan our Furnished Model Home in Silverhawk is based upon.

2007 Jeff Click Homes Parade Home & Former Furnished Model Home
Based on our Psalm Plan, and winner of Best Overall Design, Best Decorating, and Best Kitchen.

We Know Coolness When We See It

Introducing the new iPhone version of

posted Aug 16, 2008 by Jeff Click

There was a time when being an Apple user meant also being an outcast... someone looked down upon by those who were among the PC-using masses.

"Oh, sure, they're good for graphics," they'd say, looking down their noses, often through black, thick-rimmed glasses as they snorted and nearly hyperventilated with that trademark laugh of the early geek-era.

I'm a wounded, but recovered survivor of that geek-bullying, and I'm proud to say I've been an Apple fan boy before it was cool to be one, and I have proof. I started my software company from my dorm room my freshman year at OBU, and I committed to develop exclusively for what was known back then as "Macintosh" computers. My minor was in Computer Scicence, and I was the only Mac-using student in the department. While I don't think I got any wedgies because if it, I took my share of abuse. But no one had as much RAM as I did in that Power Mac 6100. Nope, I had upped that bad-boy from its standard 8MB to 80MB, and no one could touch it because that was back in the day when you actually had to worry about how much RAM a computer came with, and it cost a small fortune. I had a secret source where I landed those sacred chips for a heck of a deal. All for the graphics.

It wasn't until years later when the iPod hit that people started recognizing that maybe there was something of substance behind the passion so many die-hard Mac fans possessed for their computers. Often compared to the love Harley riders have for their bikes, Mac users would dang near die before being forced to use Windows. Tens of millions of iPods were sold, most of which were to non-Mac users. Once everyone with access to clean drinking water had their first iPod, Apple did it again, and introduced the iPhone.

Now look at all the Apple fan boys and girls.

I don't want to waste time waxing about all the I-told-you-sos to my old friends and past classmates, as my faith requires of me my best effort at grace and forgiveness. So rather than rubbing it in, I'd just like to say to everyone who recently acquired their first Apple product, the iPhone:

"Welcome to coolness."

I'd also like to announce a special treat just for you iPhone users. Consider it my welcoming gift to you for having joined the coolness club...the new iPhone version of, among the first of any builder web sites developed specifically for the iPhone.

From the site, you can access a list of Jeff Click Homes' available homes on your iPhone, as well as all "coming soon" homes just getting started, and complete information on each of our floorplans and communities. Additionally, you can tap the map-button from any page to launch a Google-map to that community right there on the iPhone. Need to call or email a question? Buttons for that, too.

So grab your iPhone and check it out. No need to key-in any special address from your iPhone...just go to and we'll handle the rest. Our site knows coolness when it sees it.

Show A Friend

Invite your friend to check out your future home without having to get out of her chair.

posted Jun 6, 2008 by Jeff Click

One of my favorite quotes in sales & marketing doesn't come from Zig Ziglar or Seth Godin.

Nope. And in keeping with my recent theme of rock-star references, my favorite gem of sales genious comes from the silver-tongued former, former again, and now current lead singer of one of my top-5 fav bands, Van Halen.

"If ya love what I do, tell a friend. If you don't, tell an enemy..." --David Lee Roth*

'Just about covers all the bases, doesn't it?

Now we've made it easier than ever to tell a friend (or enemy) about the home you just discovered by Jeff Click Homes. However, you won't have to wear spandex and do the splits mid-air to do it.

If you're like me or my wife, Deziray, and spend significant time on the computer, it's not uncommon to come across a great article or product on that you want to share. On an almost daily-basis, I'll see something that Deziray might like, and instantly look for a "Share This..." link on the page I'm on. Many of the best sites have it, but for those that don't, it's kind of a hassle to copy the link into a new email, then key in an explanation of why I'm sending it.

So now at, if you're browsing our list of available homes and find one you want to share with someone, simply look for this button:

When you click it, you'll see this:

The new "Show A Friend" form, which lets you easily share a link to the page of the home you're considering buying. Simply fill your info, your chosen recipient's info, and a custom message, and you're good to go!

Your recipient will momentarily receive this:

This is the email your friend receives, which links directly to the page for the home you were looking at.

So, while you're here, you "might as well Jump!" on over to the homes section, browse around, and invite a friend to join you.

"The David Lee Roth Interview: Eruption"
By: Frank Meyer, POPsmear Magazine


Jeff Click Homes furnished model home in Silverhawk goes virtual with Newspin 360

posted Nov 25, 2007 by Jeff Click

As probably the geekiest builder in this part of the country, I love finding new ways to incorporate technology into the building process, as well as in marketing to new home buyers. We put a great deal of effort and resources towards our web site, which is the most effective and efficient way to communicate to prospective clients, and showcase our service and product. From providing detailed information on homes and communities, to a several-thousand-and-counting photo gallery, our web site is every bit as important as a good furnished model home, as it hosts over 3,000 unique visitors on a slow month. That's considerably more traffic than a model home ever receives.

Many in the real estate industry recognize the power of the web, and as a result, there are hundreds, if not thousands of "virtual real estate tour" sites. However, most of these virtual tours are poorly implemented and thus not very useful for many reasons. One technology that has actually been around for several years is panoramic virtual tours, which are actually several photographs that are "stitched" together to simulate a 3D space. I've seen hundreds of examples of these tours, but few have ever provided quality imagery with an affordable method of creating them, nor have they typically used technologies that were widely compatible with the average web-surfer's browser and related software. Additionally, few offer an easy-to-use interface.

That is, until Mike Windham introduced me to the services of his company, Newspin 360.

As described by Mike, New Spin 360 uses the latest in technology available to capture seamless 360-degree high-resolution panoramic images. These images can be used for print or interactive virtual tour presentations that Newspin 360 develops through their services.

Mike and his team recently did a virtual shoot of our furnished model home in Silverhawk, and I was amazed at how realistic the virtual tour "feels" on-screen. It has a superb interface that works from within the browser window, and in the case of our tour for the model, you don't have to leave the page you're loads as an overlay of the model's info page at our site.

The room-selection interface. From within a tour, you just click a room to view it.

The detail is impeccable (see the panorama of the master suite and note how you can clearly read the volume level of the room's audio keypad by the door), and the color and lighting captured in the images is dead-on.

A few screenshots from our model home tour. Just click on the "Virtual Tour" button.

Newspin 360's tours aren't just for selling real estate. They are useful for corporate office tours, restaurants, classrooms and campuses, stores...nearly any physical space that would benefit through providing a virtual experience to those who can't, or haven't yet but might want to visit that space in person. You can view some of Newspin 360's other tours, including some of Oklahoma's landmark locations like the Ford Center, the Bricktown Canal, and Micky Mantle's Steakhouse. A few others I'd recommend checking out are Thorn Crown Chapel, and the Rouge Manor Castle.

Our experience with Mike has been superb, and you can plan on seeing more of Newspin 360's work at in the future. If you have a need for providing a virtual experience that is second-to-none, give Newspin 360 a call at 405-816-3635 or contact them at their site.

Showcase The Place

New model, new plan, new showcases

posted Mar 22, 2007 by Jeff Click

Progress and innovation are two of the eight core values of Jeff Click Homes, and we've made some progress in those areas this week both in the virtual and the real world.

In the real world, progress continues on our new furnished model home in Silverhawk, our latest community located on Pennsylvania Ave. just north of NW 164th St in north Oklahoma City / Southwest Edmond. The community surrounds Edmond Schools' latest school, West Field Elementary. We've updated our communities section with complete information and pricing on Silverhawk.

Also on the web site, we're proud to unveil our newest floorplan, The Psalm 1.5 plan. A hybrid of some of the greater qualities of both the Psalm 1 and Psalm 2 plans, this new design will be used for our up-coming furnished model home in Silverhawk. We've updated the site with complete information on the plan, and some preliminary information regarding the new model.

Other minor site enhancements include a new "Showcase Homes" list that appears in our Homes Section of the site, which will high-light special projects like model homes and Parade homes that aren't for sale, but ones that many visitors to the site would like to see information about. We've also made other interface and design adjustments, including adding a new site favicon.

Let us know what you think of the new Psalm 1.5 plan!

Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For...

posted Feb 7, 2007 by Jeff Click

I'm not sure which is harder to believe; that classic U2 track is now twenty years old, or that Bono and the boys are still cranking out tunes that we play even here at the JCH model home.

But just in case Bono's still hasn't found whatever it was he was looking for, you can now find just what you're looking for here at We've just put the finishing touches on our search feature, which you'll find in the upper right-hand corner of the site, no matter what section of the site you're in. Looking for info on Jeff Click Homes with "modern style"? Just type in "modern style," and there you have a comprehensive list of results.

It's also worth noting that our print literature contains references to special keywords. Any of those keywords, when typed into the search field, will instantly connect you with complete information tied to that keyword. For instance, key in the keyword "2717-173" as it's shown on the project brochure, and you're taken immediately to that project's page. The same goes for community names, plan names, and amenities.

So crank up some ol' Joshua Tree on iTunes and search to your heart's content. Maybe you'll find what you're looking for, but hopefully a bit easier than it was for Bono.