2011 People's Choice Award Winner!

You tapped your stars so we could reach for ours.

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You tap-tapped, now we WOOT-WOOT!

Thank YOU! You visited our 2011 Parade of Homes house. The beautiful, stylish, "I've never seen anything quite like it before" Mello-based plan. Wether you voted on your iPhone app, the mobile site, JCH.com, or iPad, you reciprocated the "5-star treatment" and awarded us People's Choice Award for the 2011 Parade of Homes, $250-350k division! And, although it has been the 2nd year in a row Jeff Click Homes has won the People's Choice, we picked up a few other shiny pieces of hardware along the way including Best Decorating, Best Owners Suite, and Best Kitchen. The best just don't take a rest.
Power to the People: Parade visitors rated homes using the iPhone app and Parade of Homes web site.

It means the moon and the "stars" to us that you love us, you really love us. And, we're taking the time to thank you. The entire staff at JCH has a warm place in their hearts for this accomplishment, here's a few individualized words:

Pam Bradford, Office Manager
"To be honored with the People's Choice Award 2 years in a row,= really let's us know that we are building homes that all of you appreciate."

Brodie Tucker, Community Manager
"I think the way we differ from most builders is we put together a "complete package". Many builders focus on the house itself. I think we all agree that the house has to be a big part of the focus, but putting on a great show for parade has to go much further. That is the main reason we bring in professionals to team up with us for the other details."

Sharen Polkinghorne, Home Stager/Decorator
"Winning the peoples choice award the second year in a row is awe inspiring. The entire team of professionals who work at Jeff Click Homes continues to push the envelop and each other for the most over the top award winning creativity. It's the challenge that each of us feels make our "team" the one to watch each year as we roll out our new Parade entry. People have come to expect our best and we continue to expect it from ourselves. Thus the awards! Thanks to all of our loyal followers. We appreciate you!"

Dallas Bradford, Construction Manager
"I've had people tell me recently that they'd like to use Jeff's ideas in their own homes, that's a major compliment."

Jeff Click, Head Honcho
"The team knocked it out of the park this year, and I couldn't be more proud of them, awards or not. That being said, winning Peoples' Choice again this year will go down as the highlight of the entire year for the company. It's great getting that affirmation from the people who take the time to come see our work each year."

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We love getting creative and there's noting better than being able to share our thoughts, visions, colors, designs, plans and homes with you. It is the cherry on top that your votes gave us the 2011 Parade of Homes People's Choice award. In our opinion, it's the one we look forward to the most because it came from you, who tapped your stars so we could reach for ours.